HISTORY Show 103–9-17-16

Here’s the playlist history for the 103rd edition of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Special guest host, Chris, helped us rock the night away. Thanks for checking it out. Tune in every Saturday night at 8:00 to the Valley Free Radio for Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif!

# Track Title Artist
1 Expression Dj Ss
2 Distilled DJ Melinki and Demure
3 Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix) AudioSketch and Surplus
4 Honya Qbig & Zenith B
5 Concrete Jungle Jam Thieves Feat. Voice MC
6 DJ Hybrid – Exit Wound DJ Hybrid
7 I’m Out BassBrothers featuring Kyara
8 Zion Sound Juiceman
9 Wicked Jinx
10 Same Mind Pa & Jam Thieves
11 Warehouse Legion & Logam
12 Tingz a Gwarn Voltage
13 Status Low Mikal
14 Snow Walk RockMan
15 These Words Gerra & Stone
16 Family Man Will Miles feat. iLL Omen & Mixed Media
17 Hurting (feat. Master X, Malibu) Lynx
18 Undercover Critical Impact, DJ SS
19 Dirty 78 Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris & MC Fats
20 Blackout Legion and Logam
21 State of the Art Jubei feat. SP:MC
22 Set Me Free Mole
23 The Only Way out Is Through (feat. Klute) Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris
24 Disco Ball Command Strange
25 Rise Digital + Mad Vibes + Audio Habitat
26 Scanner Dub Break
27 Unpredictably Intelligent Manners, Command Strange
28 So Solid Firefox
29 Caught In The Moment Data 3 featuring Blake
30 Nebulosa Hlz
31 The Grind The Silent Type
32 Somebody New (Jakwob VIP) [feat. Tiffani Juno] Jakwob
33 Lost Life Digital + Response
34 Living In The Red (Villem & McLeod Remix) Kalm (Feat. Dan Bowskill)
35 Cure Me feat. Lolo (DJ Die Remix) Redlight
36 Catch Digital + Total Science feat. Sofi Mari
37 Roughneck Sound Soulculture
38 The Gully (feat. Sine) Mako
39 Mock Teddy Killerz
40 Souljah (HLZ Remix) HLZ, DJ Chef & MC Fats
41 Triumph Ink & BTK
42 We Are Not Human June Miller featuring Hannah Lux