HISTORY Show 104–9-24-16–New Jungle

I gathered up a bunch of fun jungle tunes this week for Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. As always, the 8:00 Drum & Bass Association meeting went well. Join us next week, and the weeks after that, to find out how to join up and rock the night away with the Valley Free Radio and DJ Pfeif! Enjoy the 104th episode of DNBWDJP!

# Track Title Artist
1 Classic Jinx
2 What You Say Hoogs
3 Tonight (L-Side Remix) Simplification, Translate
4 Everywhere We Go (Jamal Remix) Bachelors of Science feat. Soultrain Locomotive
5 12 Strikes of Pai Mei Mr Explicit
6 Pull Up The Section
7 Toxic Jungle (Callide Remix) DJ Hybrid
8 Junglist Styles Kumarachi
9 Family Man Will Miles feat. iLL Omen & Mixed Media
10 Junglist Styles Kumarachi
11 01-Soundbwoy Nah Dead! – Bay B Kane Bay B Kane
12 Fly Paper Serum
13 One For The Hard Steppers Habitat
14 Vortex [VIP] Altered Perception
15 Night Tony Jungle
16 Listen Djjjjj Greekboy
17 DJ Hybrid – Boom in 93 DJ Hybrid
18 Zion Sound Juiceman
19 Terrodrome (Bladerunner Remix) U.F.O.
20 Remedy Muzik Titan Dred
21 Nineties Collider dBase
22 Remedy Muzik Titan Dred
23 Sound You Never Know Titan Dred, PA
24 Boom (Teksteppa Remix) DJ Mixjah
25 Bring It Down Jinx And Dazee
26 Samurai Breaks & Papa Shanti – Champion Sound Samurai Breaks & Papa Shanti
27 London Sub Ting (VIP) Mentah
28 The Congo Upgrade
29 Brainwaves K Jah & Vytol
30 Want you back( Remix ) Serum & PaulT
31 On a Vibe Kumarachi
32 DJ Hybrid – Brockout (Jungle Citizenz VIP ft.Cheshire Cat) DJ Hybrid
33 Space Chase Hungry T
34 Mad Times Red Eyes
35 Bigger News (feat. Katrina Blue) Silent Code
36 Steppin Jinx
37 Rave Durban
38 Lost Life Digital + Response
39 Remedy Muzik Titan Dred
40 Shape The Future Cloak
41 Constant (Kodama Remix) Akinsa
42 Almost U (Mako’s Faithful Remix) Gerra & Stone
43 Undercover Critical Impact, DJ SS