HISTORY Show 110–11-12-16

This is the playlist history from the live show from 11/12/16 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Thanks for listening, and as always–thanks for rocking on with the 8:00 Drum & Bass Association! More info at www.facebook.com/djpfeif.

# Track Title Artist
1 Get Mad Wickaman & Sylo
2 Where Did You Go Mohican Sun
3 Kamina Reso
4 Run This Kumarachi
5 Species Serum
6 Switch Plate Critical Impact, DJ SS
7 Slosh Pot (VIP) Too Greezey
8 Ruby Kumarachi
9 I Can Tell Soligen and Type 2
10 Free Fall Dlo
11 Redeemer Serum
12 Shadow Boxing (Remix) Nasty Habits
13 Bad Ass Mickey Finn & Aphrodite
14 Yabba Dabba Doo (M Beat Jungle Mix) Darkman
15 See Red Jonny L
16 Pressure John B
17 Play It for Me DJ Die
18 Music for the ’90s L Double
19 True Stories State Of Mind
20 Skank Calyx & Teebee
21 So Inspired to Fail Rene LaVice
22 New Drums (Neonlight Remix) Teddy Killerz
23 Paranormal Frankee
24 Cool It Judy (VIP) Taxman
25 Fighting Fire (Loadstar Remix) Breakage & Jess Mills
26 Fat Cap Coda
27 Tic Toc Cabin Fever
28 War Cabin Fever And Jinx
29 You Can Run (Serum Remix) Glamour Gold
30 Bass Over Critical Impact, DJ SS
31 Tear It Up Mask & Gang Related
32 Snare Charm Ed:It
33 Protection Culture Shock
34 Bad Red Culture Shock
35 Roll On Haze And Wizwise
36 Offline Serum & Voltage
37 Shooks Afro Kid
38 Souvenir Brookes Brothers
39 Bug Eye Digital + Villem
40 Twisted VIP (feat. Thomas Oliver) Rido Feat. Thomas Oliver
41 Blk & Blu (Calibre Remix) Chase & Status