HISTORY Show 108–10-29-16

Playlist from October 29th, 2016 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Thanks for checking it out. Hear our weekly radio show live on Saturday nights at 8:00, or rebroadcast on Friday nights at midnight. Tune in here or at www.valleyfreeradio.org/listen.

# Track Title Artist
1 Park of the Monsters (Total Recall Remix) Jam Thieves
2 Monster Tyrant
3 Absolute Monster Rene LaVice
4 Monster Genetix
5 Creepshow (VIP) Taxman
6 Root Flavour (Original mix) Baz and Simplistix
7 Scary Movie Jaydan
8 Horror Show Blokhe4d
9 Stereo Cloak
10 Fierce Bredren
11 Ruff It Up My Selecta DJ Hybrid & Samurai Breaks
12 Silver Fox (Papa G & Rassterlin Remix) The Dream Team
13 Dark Star Kazan
14 Murderer (Audio & Meth Remix) Eastcolors
15 Pick Em Out Majistrate
16 Power core Sensai
17 Hypnotic (VIP) Majistrate
18 Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix) AudioSketch and Surplus
19 Running Altered Perception
20 Hurting (feat. Master X, Malibu) Lynx
21 Lowdown (Jaybee Remix) Cabin Fever feat. Regina
22 Status Low Mikal
23 U Make Me Feel (HLZ Remix) Conscience
24 Iron Fingers P.A
25 Perfect Space (Kumarchi Remix) The Section
26 Universe The Force
27 Too Late Konichi
28 No One Supreme Being
29 Blackout Legion and Logam
30 Something Deeper (Original Mix) Wickaman, RV & Sudden Def
31 Tonight (L-Side Remix) Simplification, Translate
32 Big Bang Jam Thieves
33 Madman Riddim Kartoon
34 The Rising (feat. Gappa G) Tobias
35 Fabio’s Ghost Doc Scott
36 The Journey Skinley
37 Take Ya Time Sureshock
38 Dreaming Wreckless
39 Lost In The Music feat. Junior Red DJ Hybrid
40 All You Need To Know Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul
41 Roots Jungle Kumarachi
42 Lost Life Digital + Response
43 For the Taking Sativa Dub & Silent Type
44 High Plane Drifter Stealth
45 Hold Me (DJ Monk & DJ Hybrid Remix) DJ Monk