HISTORY Show 111–11-19-16

This is show 111 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA, US. This show originally aired on 11/19/16. Tune in every Saturday night at 8:00 to join the 8:00 Drum & Bass Association; rebroadcast Friday nights at midnight. Thanks for listening.

Video at djpfeif.com, archived audio at soundcloud.com/djpfeif, live audio streaming at valleyfreeradio.org. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist
1 Wasteman Taelimb
2 Everyday Junglist DJ L.A.B.
3 Reconnected (Kodama Remix) Acid Lab & Scale
4 Kush Artilect
5 Murderer Kumarachi
6 Spectrum Ends Sound Shifter
7 Scatter Sound Shifter
8 Vertigo Freedom
9 Coming Your Way Madcap
10 Could Be Eastcolors
11 Blacklist The Vanguard Project
12 Try Fineprint
13 Souljah (HLZ Remix) HLZ, DJ Chef & MC Fats
14 Thank You (feat. DJ SS, Jay Square, Victor) [Killer Mix] Soul Savaz
15 Floodgate Serum & Voltage
16 Occupational Hazard DJ Hybrid & Section
17 Take Back The Night Lynx
18 Hypnotic (Quadrant & Iris Remix) Logam
19 Jibber Jabber Trex
20 Bass Over Critical Impact, DJ SS
21 Funk You! T>I
22 Turbo Royale (Dawn Raid Remix) K Jah
23 Give It To Me Dangerous & Steampunk
24 Big Phat Bass (Rob Soundline Fazzy Bass Remix) Steampunk feat. Jasmine Knight
25 Godzilla Upgrade
26 Not ready Dominator feat. MC Fatman D
27 Bring It Down Jinx And Dazee
28 Feel So Good (Heist Remix) Majistrate feat. Jessica Luck
29 Understand Raz
30 Effects (Hoogs Remix) Nu Elementz
31 Hi-Z T>I
32 Magic Fountain (Royalston Remix) Art vs Science
33 Shadow Lion (Saxxon Remix) Rawtee
34 Magnetz BURNEDD
35 Never See Trex
36 Big Dog Sound Shifter
37 Worlds End Majistrate and Turno
38 Lunar DJ Hybrid
39 Heavy Like Tank Soultrain, Phantom Warrior
40 Trouble In The Streets K Jah And Vytol feat. Kivado
41 Run the Block Document One
42 Mutton Majistrate and Turno
43 Make Your Move (Optiv & Btk Remix) Leon Switch
44 Intension Blackley
45 Where Did You Go Mohican Sun
46 Mirage Calibre