HISTORY Show 121–2-4-17–DaBomz X-Clusive in the Mix

This week on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif, we had DaBomz X-Clusive in the mix! He came in, lit the turntables on fire, and left our ears ringing as he rolled the beats and fanned the flames of Drum & Bass music. Check the audio below to hear his mix, which starts around the second hour mark.

2017-02-05 (4).png

Big Ups DaBomz X-Clusive — Thanks for making the Valley Free Radio explode with Bass and shake with Drums!

Big Ups DJ Eddie Twizzler, host of Dance Therapy on Valley Free Radio, for your generous loan of turntables and time!

Watch the live video of this week via Facebook, or check it out below. Note: the audio in the video stream got a little hot (fanning the flames and all that), so ignore the distortion. The recording on Soundcloud sounds wonderful, so listen there.

Audio below.

Track Title Artist
1 Diamonds Greekboy
2 Jungle Jam Ulterior Motive
3 Find a Meaning (feat. Steo) Kyrist
4 Pulsar VIP Bladerunner
5 From A Distance Hlz
6 Crossing the Rubicon Phil Tangent, Pennygiles
7 Cabin Fever (DJ SS Remix) Spexion
8 Just Loop It Dom & Roland, Fierce
9 Dirty Entertainers (LionDub Mix) [feat. Aquasky] The Ragga Twins
10 Lose Control Tyke featuring Daddy Earl
11 Clap For That K-Jah
12 Bronx Roller NC-17
13 Dream Catcher Tyke featuring Yisrael
14 Put ‘Em Up (VIP) L-Side
15 Roadblock (feat. Yush) Critycal Dub
16 Gun Talk Digid
17 Wonderlands Mr. Joseph
18 An Ancient Evil Spectrah
19 Uno, Dos, Tre, Quatro Greekboy
20 Power Moves Habitat
21 Sound You Never Know Titan Dred, PA
22 Gatts Ruffstuff & Friller Vs. Nu Elementz
Hour 2:
DaBomz X-Clusive Guest Mix