HISTORY Show 124–2-25-17–Diode in the Mix

Enjoy this mix of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA, US. In this week’s show, Diode is in the mix for a special appearance before his killing-time at the Third Annual New England Junglist Massive! His sounds enter the mix at the 1:30-mark, beautifully cap-stoning the radio broadcast and sending it out on a powerful note. Thanks for listening!

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# Track Title Artist
1 Don’t Look Down Break
2 Let It Hit ‘Em Optiv & BTK
3 Captured Heist
4 1_2_3_4 Rockwell
5 Pulsar VIP Bladerunner
6 Original Nuttah UK Apachi & Shy FX
7 Show & Tell The Voss and NC-17
8 Tingz a Gwarn Voltage
9 Don’t Wanna Be Alone Loadstar
10 Jungle Cats 1991
11 Wheres My Money TC
12 Dangerous Sub Killaz
13 Magic Fountain (Royalston Remix) Art vs Science
14 Gangster Mampi Swift
15 Kick Push (Heist dnb Remix) Lupe Fiasco
16 Pick Em Out Majistrate
17 Try Fineprint
18 Bring It Down Jinx And Dazee
19 Show Down Supreme Being
20 Rebirth (Hard Mix) Taxman feat. Diane Charlemagne
21 Treatment Trex
22 So Solid Firefox
23 2 Bad Soul Intent & Ms Tempz
24 Dirty Entertainers (LionDub Mix) [feat. Aquasky] The Ragga Twins
25 Family Man Will Miles feat. iLL Omen & Mixed Media
26 Roadblock (feat. Yush) Critycal Dub
27 Nineties Collider dBase
28 Remedy Muzik Titan Dred
29 Take My Breath Away Serum, Paul T, Edward Oberon
30 Teardrop Massive Attack
31 Bring It On Hive, Keaton
32 Put It On (Liondub & Bluntskull Remix) Jamalski, Mr. Live, Rocker T
33 Monster Genetix
34 Ruff Revival (DJ Pfeif Remix) Run Tings
35 Put It On (Liondub & Bluntskull Remix) Jamalski, Mr. Live, Rocker T
36 Where Did You Go Mohican Sun
37 Nightshade Taxman
38 Get Closer (Rockers Mix) Ben Westbeech, Die
39 Fly Paper Serum
40 Run the Block Document One
41 Warehouse Legion & Logam
42 Bounce Mindscape
43 Molotov D SIDE
44 Forgotten Funk Jaybee & Andy Sim
1 Quadrivium (C2D)
2 Intergrate (Dub)
3 Pimp Stroll (Dub)
4 Infekt (Warfare)
5 Dissamble (Santoku)
6 Destroyer W/ Hammerz (Icarus)
7 Gamma (Dub)
8 Talk to Me Remix (Abducted)
9 Iron Armor (Dub)
10 Remote (Santoku Dub)
11 Motorcycle (Santoku)
12 Krion (C2D) As “Diode”
13 Aeon (Santoku)
14 Diode (Dub)
15 Slumz W/ Elijah Divine (Abducted)