HISTORY Show 131–4-15-17

This show originally aired on 4/15/17 from 8:00pm to 10:00pm; rebroadcast 4/29/17 from 2:00am-4:00am.

Here, in the states, it’s officially tax day. But because it falls on a Saturday this year, we’re celebrating the music of drum & bass instead of doing our taxes. Thanks for checking out this week’s Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif. I had a blast making this radio show; I hope you enjoy listening to it as well. Rock on! Check out next week’s live performance to see One Love Sound System in the mix.

# Track Title Artist
1 Pure Vibes Serum, Jaybee, Dave Owen
2 Ask Them Dave Owen, Zere, Jaybee
3 Step on (97 remake) Majistrate
4 Sleezy Ruffstuff, Friller & Probe
5 Hardcore Style Habitat
6 Dropping Beats (Social Security Remix) Dope Ammo
7 Proton Jungle Citizenz
8 Ya fassy yout Supreme Being
9 Dub Soldier Survival
10 Ya fassy yout Supreme Being
11 Hear The Sound Bass Sheriff & Audiomission
12 Sound a Sound (VIP) Potential Badboy featuring Junior Dangerous
13 Party Lowriderz & Enek
14 Funkshun Jinx And Sterling Sound
15 Let It Hit ‘Em Habitat
16 Don’t Front Jaybee & Dave Owen
17 Run The Jewels Dave Owen
18 Wasssup Jaybee featuring Dave Owen and dLo
19 Motion Blur (DLR Remix) Noisia
20 Magnetic (Original Mix) Euphorics & Mystific & Mystific
21 Something Strange Data 3
22 Girl Gerra & Stone
23 Conformity InsideInfo
24 Dot Matrix Mob Tactics
25 Lock in Tune Bobby
26 Pandorum Frankee
27 Turn Back the Time Camo & Krooked
28 Kamina Reso
29 Shimmy (Original Mix) Lynx
30 Back Again Toronto Is Broken
31 Kaleidoscope [Rene LaVice Remix] Delta Heavy & Rene LaVice
32 Infinity DC Breaks & Prolix
33 Collider (The Upbeats Remix) Noisia
34 Badman (Original Mix) Artifice
35 Make Your Move (Optiv & Btk Remix) Leon Switch
36 Iron Armor Space Journey
37 Place Off Freqax
38 Scientist (Forbidden Society Rremix) BTK and Optiv featuring MC Fokus
39 Warning Whiney
40 Mantra (Mat Zo Remix) Noisia
41 Beat Keeps Spectrasoul
42 Basilisk Fred V & Grafix
43 China Town Bou
44 System Modified Motion & Faction
45 Back to Life Simplification & Translate
46 Junk Food T:Base
47 What We Got The Vanguard Project
48 Everything Dope Ammo
49 Forever Annix
50 Unpredictably Intelligent Manners, Command Strange
51 Daybreak feat. Tasha Baxter (Original Mix) Brookes Brothers
52 Enigma Keeno
53 Spychase InsideInfo
54 Trice Agressor Bunx
55 VE3 Joe Ford
56 Sparkles HLZ
57 Connect Jonny L