HISTORY Show 149–8-26-17 Liquid to Jump Up

Here is the playlist history for show 149 on 8-26-17 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. This week we started out with a chill liquid vibe, then rolled through some techy business to end up with a full on jump-up feel. Somehow, I burned through 65 tunes (holy bananas!) in two hours (for better or worse), which is more than my normal average of 40-50 songs. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear live drum & bass music, rebroadcast two weeks later on Saturday mornings at 2:00am. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist
1 White Nights (VIP) Rover
2 Hyperborean (feat. Data 3) Pola & Bryson
3 Bristol (Break Remix) Technimatic
4 Minimal Instinkt Kiril
5 No Fightin’ Kiril
6 Last Call Low:r
7 Endless Summer Donkai Kong
8 Social Smoker Jodi
9 Call Girl Dub Berzerka
10 Life’s A Game (Original Mix) Dekoi
11 Girl Document One
12 Take Flight Stickbubbly
13 Dopamine Des McMahon
14 Kundalini Serpent Delta
15 Run tingz Voltage
16 The Gorgon (VIP) T>I
17 Zulu Flowidus
18 Get It Konichi
19 Sway Macky Gee
20 Let It Roll (Original Mix) The Synergy
21 Jump Jump MAMF
22 Thrill Seekers Ego Trippin
23 Drum Beatz Ego Trippin
24 Roll back Voltage
25 Not ready Dominator feat. MC Fatman D
26 Can’t Handle We Phantom Warrior, Soultrain
27 I Need You Danger
28 Blood Phantom Warrior, Soultrain
29 Snooper (T>I Remix) Damage Report
30 Double Trouble Alibi, Disaszt
31 Dark n Grim (Original Mix) The Lost Planets
32 Waterfall Bou & Leaf featuring Dutta, Bou, Leaf
33 Danger Close Pleasure
34 Jungle Riot Donkai Kong
35 Don’t Stop Salvage
36 Digital Pimp (Spaow Remix) Jayline
37 LowDefign Ultrah
38 Hypnotic (VIP) Majistrate
39 Riddims Ultrah
40 Heavy Hitter K Jah
41 Sound a Sound (VIP) Potential Badboy featuring Junior Dangerous
42 The Driller Killer (VIP) Jaydan
43 Creepshow (VIP) Taxman
44 Into The Dark Kanine
45 We Love Hip Hop (Inna Culture Remix) K-Jah & Vytol
46 Barbarian Serum, Voltage
47 The Grind The Silent Type
48 Chapters (Damageman Remix) Skuff ,Damageman
49 Fashion (Original Mix) BassBrothers
50 Escape Subsonic
51 Rebirth (Hard Mix) Taxman feat. Diane Charlemagne
52 Psyco TC
53 Never Change Terraform, Dramatic
54 Live At the Apollo Serum & Heist
55 Shutdown Kre & Freek
56 Heros Too Greezey
57 Jungle Came First Serial Killaz
58 Show Down Supreme Being
59 Put ‘Em Up (VIP) L-Side
60 Try Fineprint
61 Pick Em Out Majistrate
62 Lonely (FD’s Roll Out Remix) GLXY feat. Belle Humble
63 The Flex Nuvaman
64 Unsaid (feat. Blake) Pola & Bryson
65 The Flex Nuvaman