Show 188–6-2-18 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif

Here is the playlist for show 188 on 6-2-18 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear live drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and his special guest DJs, rebroadcast two weeks later on Saturday mornings at 2:00am. Stream the audio live at Check us out at steemit: Syndicated through the Pacifica Network. Check your local Pacifica Radio syndicate for show times, or request this show to be part of your local station’s schedule. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist Label
1 Fiction Md ProgRam
2 Reflector Quadrant & DStruct & Iris Dispatch Recordings
3 Vandal Md ProgRam
4 The Best Bou LionDub Street Series
5 Definition Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris Commercial Suicide
6 Dub for Ya Speaker (Virtue Remix) KSO, Eddie Craig feat. Dread MC, Tengu Stepper Man
7 Silly Games Mr. Quest Solid Vinyl Music
8 The Martians (FREAK005-A) D. Kay Freak Recordings
9 Turnstyle (Baron Remix) Zen Grid Recordings UK
10 Positive / Negative Break
11 The Wax Java Hazardous Musik
12 Voodoo Doll G Dub Grid Recordings UK
13 Calculated Risk Quadrant & Iris Dispatch Recordings
14 Funky Child (Original Mix) Deekline Gorilla Warfare
15 Love Like Ours (One Love Sound System Remix) Estelle ft. Tarrus Riley (No Label)
16 Nuttin But Trouble The Verdikt Ruffneck Ting
17 Pick Em Out Majistrate Low Down Deep Recordings
18 Mr Happy DJ Hazard & D Minds Playaz
19 Red Eyes (feat. Inja) Serum Philly Blunt
20 Phlegmtrail [Explicit] Twisted Individual Grid Recordings UK
21 Ruckus (feat. $pyda) Bad Company UK (featuring $pyda) Ram Records
22 Feel the Fire Benny V / K-Warren Dance Concept
23 All The Way Up (Original Mix) Deekline & Specimen A Gorilla Warfare
24 Magic Fountain (Royalston Remix) Art vs Science Hospital Records
25 Shimmer Redline Dutty Bass Audio
26 206 Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris Commercial Suicide
27 Purple Demonz (feat. MC Busta) Titan Dred, PA Dread Recordings
28 Protection Damage Report Grid Recordings UK
29 Monster Genetix Ruffneck Ting
30 Electronic Heroin DLR, Script Sofa Sound
31 Toe Punt T>I Co-Lab Recordings
32 Miles Apart Maduk and Dennis Pedersen featuring Ella Noël and Rino Liquicity Records
33 Red Light Gella Born On Road
34 Eat Box (Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket Remix) Sammy Nicks & Rekwest Biological Beats
35 Sensations (Soligen & Type 2 Remix) Payback Liquid Drops
36 Jungle Came First Serial Killaz Streetlife
37 Chase The Dragon Ego Trippin Low Down Deep Recordings
38 The Music Makers Tyke & Recipe Grid Recordings UK
39 The Get Down Jinx Calypso Muzak
40 Munchies Jinx Calypso Muzak
41 Pay Your Way (Fleck New School Jungle Remix) Fatlion Hifi Boom Sound Recordings
42 Shaolin Sword Ego Trippin Low Down Deep Recordings
43 Back In The Day Genetix And Habitat Ruffneck Ting
44 Ain’t No Love DJ Limited Biological Beats
45 Hypnotize Murdock V Recordings
46 Drop The Bass (Original Mix) DJ Mixjah & DJ Embassy Ghetto Dubz
47 Sweat Jinx Calypso Muzak
48 Gumshoe Serum & Voltage Low Down Deep Recordings
49 G.O.A.T. Dutta LionDub Street Series
50 All Night Long Ego Trippin Low Down Deep Recordings
51 Dub Tang Leaf Grid Recordings UK
52 Buss Off Annix featuring DJ Hype and Eksman Playaz
53 All Night Long Ego Trippin Low Down Deep Recordings
54 Slug From A 45 DJ Limited Prototype
55 Brain Jam SD Commercial Suicide
56 Arrival Md ProgRam
57 Everything Good Slipz & Bou Subway Soundz
58 Easy Does It Dutta LionDub Street Series
59 Raise It Up (Original Mix) Payback Smooth N Groove
60 Let It Rain BlastikZ DNBB Digital
61 Itch & Scratch Gella Born On Road
62 Boaty McBoatface Need For Mirrors Zoltar
63 Sleepwalkers Paul T & Edward Oberon V Recordings
64 Electric Touch Phil Tangent Lunar Records