Show 195–7-21-18 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif

A bunch of Tron samples along with some techstep drum & bass this week!

Here is the playlist for show 195 on 7-21-18 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear live drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and his special guest DJs, rebroadcast two weeks later on Saturday mornings at 2:00am. Stream the audio live at Check us out at steemit: Syndicated through the Pacifica Network. Check your local Pacifica Radio syndicate for show times, or request this show to be part of your local station’s schedule. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist Label
1 Intro Music w/ Crackle Tron
2 All Crew Chase & Status Getahead
3 Lurke Street Rafiki & Draize Modular Carnage
4 Endless Horizons Freek Multifunction
5 Ice Cubes SD Delta9 Recordings
6 Ram Explains stuff Tron
7 The Wax Java Hazardous Musik
8 Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix) Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh Charge Recordings
9 Feel the Fire Benny V / K-Warren Dance Concept
10 Light Cycles Tron
11 Show & Tell The Voss and NC-17 Playaz
12 Kitkat (Original Mix) Unreal Soulbass Recordings
13 Sleepwalkers Paul T & Edward Oberon V Recordings
14 Phoenix Skorpion Modular Carnage
15 Fallen Angel Total Science CIA
16 Back To The Future (Original Mix) Stimpy Liquid Flavours
17 Flynn Meets Ram Tron
18 Astronaut L-Side V Recordings
19 Emoji (Original Mix) Stimpy Liquid Flavours
20 Familiar 5 (DJ Pfeif Remix) Agnes Obel pfeif music
21 One Armed Swordsman 2 DJ Pfeif pfeif music
22 Somewhere Else Elementz Of Noize M Ocean
23 Interstellar TC Don’t Play
24 ?$P2 [Explicit] TC Don’t Play
25 Circles Nitri feat. Lucy Kitchen Horizons Music
26 Hacking Tron
27 Valkyrie Kove Drum&BassArena
28 5Venoms2 DJ Pfeif pfeif music
29 Ron Millonario Foreign Concept & Monty Cricital Music
30 Sark’s Rules Tron
31 Hey Now Unknown Artist Fokuz
32 Minimal Surreal Celcius Recordings
33 Jai Alai Tron
34 Slow Down Power Cycles Tron
35 Tile (Original Mix) Reset Wrong Noize
36 Reset Halogenix 1985 Music
37 Pacifica Dexcell Future Retro
38 No Gravity Inja, Anile Hospital Records
39 Higher Bou feat. Current Value Souped Up
40 Memory Lane (Kanine Remix) Levela feat. Coppa Multifunction
41 Mankind Bou Souped Up
42 Guerilla Loadstar Ram Records
43 Eat Box (Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket Remix) Sammy Nicks & Rekwest Biological Beats
44 Click Clack (Original Mix) Deekline & Specimen A Gorilla Warfare
45 Divergence Mefjus Vision Recordings
46 Minimal Instinkt Kiril Critical Music
47 The Only Rob Blaze Sub-liminal Recordings
48 Block Hugger Doctrine Ram Records
49 Elavator Skeptical Exit Records
50 Fabric Nausika Subtitles Music
51 Last Life in the Universe (SpectraSoul Remix) Blu Mar Ten Blu Mar Ten Music
52 Fade (Original Mix) Nexus and Tight Radar Records
53 Regret Sam Harris Modular Carnage
54 Stomp Paul T & Edward Oberon V Recordings
55 Headbanger Critical Impact feat. Skibadee, Jakes & Carasel AFT
56 Fo Shizzle2 DJ Pfeif pfeif music
57 Dub for Ya Speaker (Virtue Remix) KSO, Eddie Craig feat. Dread MC, Tengu Stepper Man
58 Give & Take Kove Drum&BassArena