Episode 211 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 11-17-18

New tunes blasted out in the shotgun method of let’s-see-what’s-good this week. All dnb!

Here is the playlist for show 211 on 11-17-18 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear live drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and his special guest DJs, rebroadcast two weeks later on Saturday mornings at 2:00am. Stream the audio live at http://ValleyFreeRadio.org/listen. Check us out at steemit: https://steemit.com/@mrnuclearpower Syndicated through the Pacifica Network. Check your local Pacifica Radio syndicate for show times, or request this show to be part of your local station’s schedule. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist Label
1 In Love Legal Kos.Mos.Music
2 Gettin Down RMS Audio Addict
3 Midnight Marauders Redeyes Spearhead
4 Good Man (Original Mix) Scott Allen Soul Deep Exclusives
5 Spur (Macca & Melinki Remix) Sentive Dub Voltage
6 Hot Wheels Kings Of The Rollers Hospital Records
7 4 Always & 4 Ever bassface sascha Revolver Sounds
8 Headlock Brookes Brothers Breakbeat Kaos
9 Insecure feat Maureen Legal Kos.Mos.Music
10 Feel So Lost The Thing Repertoire
11 Cocooned VIP Bungle 31 Recordings
12 Summer Dayz L-Side / Addiction Liquid V
13 Pan Banger D’TCH The Dreamers Recordings
14 Summer Dayz L-Side / Addiction Liquid V
15 Street Artist Legal Kos.Mos.Music
16 Wading Through the Crowds (feat. Karina Ramage) Makoto Hospital Records
17 Soul Forgotten (Original Mix) Scott Allen Soul Deep Exclusives
18 Lunch Box Dave Owen Liquid V
19 Let It Off DJ Hybrid & Next Chapter Audio Addict
20 Love is a Trip (Original Mix) A.K.A & Greekboy All Street Recordings
21 New Wave Brookes Brothers Breakbeat Kaos
22 Echo Vibes Taxman Playaz
23 Bloom (Gydra Remix) Inward, Hanzo, Randie C4C Recordings
24 Delivering Key (Original Mix) Deekline & Specimen A Gorilla Warfare
25 Magnetic Taxman Playaz
26 Dirtfix Kilobite, St4sh SubSine
27 Alpha Mashur Heavy Artillery Recordings
28 Whiplash Kabuki Unchained Recordings
29 Cubo Kiril Guidance
30 East Point Gerra & Stone Flexout Audio
31 Out There Dead Zodiac & Profane Lifestyle Music
32 Choices Cnof Celsius Recordings
33 Existing Calibre ThirtyOne Recordings
34 Let it Rain Calibre ThirtyOne Recordings
35 Back In ’98 Future Tactics Dutty Bass Audio
36 Don’t Wait Mohican Sun Integral Records
37 Conversations (Dub Mix) Break feat. MC Fats, Cleveland Watkiss Symmetry Recordings
38 Afrika Teddy Killerz Eatbrain
39 Torn (Mean Teeth Remix) Merikan Close 2 Death
40 Outta Here RMS Audio Addict
41 Behemoth (Original Mix) SynthForce & DJ Ransome Inna Rhythm
42 Game Over Raiser Ram Records
43 Back & Forth (feat. Armanni Reign) Logam ProgRam
44 Prompt Demise Motiv Sub-liminal Recordings
45 Third Coming Decon Jazzsticks Recordings
46 In A Jungle (BCee Remix) Jonny L Future Retro
47 Oblong Druid Quartz, Gremlinz Metalheadz
48 100 (Bcee Remix) Galactus Jack Future Retro