Episode 212 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 11-24-18

A few new tunes from this week mixed with a heap of high energy and some colorful sounds!

Here is the playlist for show 212 on 11-24-18 on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear live drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and his special guest DJs, rebroadcast two weeks later on Saturday mornings at 2:00am. Stream the audio live at http://ValleyFreeRadio.org/listen. Check us out at steemit: https://steemit.com/@mrnuclearpower Syndicated through the Pacifica Network. Check your local Pacifica Radio syndicate for show times, or request this show to be part of your local station’s schedule. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

# Track Title Artist Label
1 Soul Thunder Sikey & Speedwagon Fokuz
2 Ez Funk Hoppa Mac II
3 Jungle Fm Nanocore Drumroom
4 Labyrinth (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix) Cyantific Viper Recordings
5 Whiplash Kabuki Unchained Recordings
6 Crooked Flex Inja, Whiney Hospital Records
7 Conquer Sikey & Speedwagon Fokuz
8 In & Out (Club Mix) DisasZt feat. Phentix & Patch Edison Mainframe Recordings
9 Workout (Original Mix) Andy C Ram Records
10 Pull Up (feat. Takura) Alibi V Recordings
11 Eat Box (Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket Remix) Sammy Nicks & Rekwest Biological Beats
12 Play It for Me (Remastered) DJ Die Gutterfunk
13 Submarines (Domestic Cold War Edit) DJ Fresh Breakbeat Kaos
14 Go Pro (Original Mix) Phase 2 Innerground
15 Kill & Collect ReDraft x Dave Owen x Calculon Shoot Recordings
16 Heavy and Dark (Serum’s Mix) MC Bassman feat. Serum Souped Up
17 Mission Whiney, Inja Medschool
18 Ruckus (feat. $pyda) Bad Company UK (featuring $pyda) Ram Records
19 The Other Side Vici Hyperactivity Music
20 Soul Forgotten (Original Mix) Scott Allen Soul Deep Exclusives
21 4 Always & 4 Ever bassface sascha Revolver Sounds
22 Good Man (Original Mix) Scott Allen Soul Deep Exclusives
23 Autumn (Remastered) DJ Die Gutterfunk
24 Samurai Inja, Serum Hospital Records
25 Hollywood Night (Remastered Mix) Nelver SLK
26 Sleeper Covert Garden Fokuz
27 Jungle Every Day (Rahmanee remix) Born On Road Born On Road
28 Dogfunk Temple Plasma Audio
29 Kickdown The Stratta Major League DnB
30 New Wave Brookes Brothers Breakbeat Kaos
31 Wild Child (Club Master) Cyantific Viper
32 Fallout (Original Mix) Trial & Error Points In Time
33 Coma Vici Hyperactivity Music
34 Fallout (Original Mix) Trial & Error Points In Time
35 Get Back The Stratta Major League DnB
36 Never Wanna Stop Macky Gee & Dj Phantasy & Dj Fresh Breakbeat Kaos
37 Junglist Fi Life Audiomission feat. Deanie Rankin Run Tingz
38 Sound Killa Conrad Subs Deep in the Jungle Records
39 Blaze Subcriminal feat. Frilla Run Tingz
40 Headbanger Critical Impact feat. Skibadee, Jakes & Carasel AFT
41 Triple Duppy Demon (feat. Hugh Hardie) Whiney, Truthos Mufasa Medschool
42 Totem Hunt Filip Motovunski Bad Taste Recordings
43 Gettin Down RMS Audio Addict
44 Dancehall Killer Basstripper G13
45 Memory Lane (Kanine Remix) Levela feat. Coppa Multifunction
46 Prompt Demise Motiv Sub-liminal Recordings
47 Ultrafunk (feat. Metrik) Friction Elevate
48 In Love Legal Kos.Mos.Music
49 Zukiny The Caracal Project Skankandbass
50 Fugitive Covert Garden Fokuz
51 Edge of the Earth Mage Celsius Recordings
52 In Affect Andy Pain Hustle Audio
53 X Project DJ Fresh Breakbeat Kaos