2018 Best of Drum & Bass

According to our records, these songs are the best tracks released in 2018 in the drum & bass genre. These were all favorites that received massive airplay on Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif, originally recorded weekly in the Valley Free Radio Studios, WXOJ, 103.3fm, Northampton, MA US.

The last two episodes of 2018 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif (episodes 216 and 217) featured a bunch of these tracks, but because of the live nature of the mix, not all tunes in this list were featured during those last two shows. We always prepare more shows that will be played each week, and regrettably, some of these tunes didn’t get end-of-the-year play despite being amazing. They had their moment in the sun throughout the year as they were released, and we will continue to rock out to them as our boomboxes blast their heavy rhythms and jungle drums!

So, here’s a list of all the best tunes from 2018! The tunes are in order based on their subgenres within drum & bass. There’s no way to pick the best of the best, so they are all presented here in equal standing. Big ups to the artists, labels, DJs, MCs, and junglists around the world! Thanks for making Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif a pleasure to host each week!

-DJ Pfeif

#Track TitleArtistLabel
1———-—–HALF TEMPO—–
2OasisDflyElm Imprint
3HollywoodThe Rum Baba31 Recordings
5WhiplashKabukiUnchained Recordings
6AlphaMashurHeavy Artillery Recordings
7The FireSoul Intent featuring Sula MaeExkursions
8Love CoupFox & Foreign Concept & Sam BingaCritical Music
9EverfreshSam Binga & Lewis James & Rider ShafiqueAstrophonica
10Shut UpMoresoundsAstrophonica
11Triple Duppy Demon (feat. Hugh Hardie)Whiney, Truthos MufasaMedschool
13In ControlAcid LabDope Plates
14Hostage (Original Mix)I-DrenKevlar Beats
15Saturn’s ReturnKumarachi & VeakDeep in the Jungle Records
17RelinquishCurrent ValueSouped Up
18Dont Wanna TryD-NASTYWalking Dead Recordings
19MonstaLowriderz featuring MC Smoky DoggSerial Killaz
20Lighters UpMacky GeeDown 2 Earth Musik
21We Love Drum & BassMC Shabba DSaSaSaS Music
22Hold Me DownSalvage & ShadreG13
23PunkSolixDiamond Audio
24Bouncy Bass (Vocal Version)Spaow feat. SkibadeeSpectre Audio
25Like A DogzSyndax & DefmatikBulletproof
26Cosmic FunkTurno & PacsoLow Down Deep Recordings
27Phlegmtrail [Explicit]Twisted IndividualGrid Recordings UK
28XhaleUltrahBiological Beats
29Echo VibesTaxmanPlayaz
30———-—–JUNGLE HIP-HOP—–
31HigherBou feat. Current ValueSouped Up
32Don’t Want NothingDamage ReportBiological Beats
33G.O.A.T.DuttaLionDub Street Series
34SekkleJinxStraight Up Audio
35ReputationK JahNatty Dub Recordings
36SkylineNextaxDiamond Audio
37Gunfinger Fam (VIP)Serum, Voltage, InjaHospital Records
38LumberjackSerumSouped Up
39Do Your ThangSubsonicLow Down Deep Recordings
40Toe PuntT>ICo-Lab Recordings
41RockersOzCalypso Muzak
42Go HardJinx And HabitatRuffneck Ting
43The BestBouLionDub Street Series
45Forest Fire (Hugh Hardie Remix)Blu Mar Ten feat. KiteBlu Mar Ten Music
46Discovery (Original Mix)Dave ShichmanLiquid Drops
47Dominic (Original Mix)DrumagickAll Street Recordings
48IntrudersFURNEYSoul Deep Exclusives
49By My Side (Original Mix)FurneySoul Deep Exclusives
50100 (Bcee Remix)Galactus JackFuture Retro
51UnstoppableI WannabeKos.Mos.Music
52Another Long JourneyInvadhertzPeng Dominion
53AstronautL-SideV Recordings
54VerticalmHzStomp Break
55Don’t WaitMohican SunIntegral Records
56HimalayaMonikaSoulvent Records
57Fade (Original Mix)Nexus and TightRadar Records
58Electric TouchPhil TangentLunar Records
59Tell Me Why (Rafau Etamski Remix)SeathaskyC Recordings
60Emoji (Original Mix)StimpyLiquid Flavours
61Back To The Future (Original Mix)StimpyLiquid Flavours
62NangTolima JetsV Recordings
63Hey NowUnknown ArtistFokuz
64Jonny DeepThe Vanguard ProjectFutureRetro
65ChoicesCnofCelsius Recordings
66SonderTali ft Blake & Silence GrooveFokuz
67Somewhere ElseElementz Of NoizeM Ocean
68Poveglia (feat. De:Tune)DegsHospital Records
69Weight Of The MatterTyr Kohout feat. AnastasiaAudio Addict
70Don’t ThinkmHzStomp Break
71Sensations (Soligen & Type 2 Remix)PaybackLiquid Drops
72Don’t Just Stare (feat. Danica B) (Flite Remix)Clark Cables, Danica B, FliteSimplify Recordings
73Emblem of the SunDawn WallEkho
75Deep DownNoisia & PhaceVision Recordings
76CascadeProximaInvisible Recordings
77NobodyFourwardElevate Records
79Poke the BearRene LaVice & LynxRam Records
80Ruckus (feat. $pyda)Bad Company UK (featuring $pyda)Ram Records
81HeadbangerCritical Impact feat. Skibadee, Jakes & CaraselAFT
82Wild Child (Club Master)CyantificViper
83Roll the DrumsDanny ByrdHospital Records
84Salute (feat. MC GQ)Danny ByrdHospital Records
85In & Out (Club Mix)DisasZt feat. Phentix & Patch EdisonMainframe Recordings
86No GravityInja, AnileHospital Records
87Dub for Ya Speaker (Virtue Remix)KSO, Eddie Craig feat. Dread MC, TenguStepper Man
88Miles ApartMaduk and Dennis Pedersen featuring Ella Noël and RinoLiquicity Records
89Play Me (Mob Tactics Remix)Mampi Swift & DJ FreshCharge Recordings
90Hollywood Night (Remastered Mix)NelverSLK
91Do You Like It? (Present & Future Sprayout) [Explicit]Nu:Tone, DegsHospital Records
92Proud feat. Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix)Sam Binga and Rider ShafiqueCritical Music
93New WaveBrookes BrothersBreakbeat Kaos
94CombinationFilip MotovunskiBad Taste Recordings
95MissionWhiney, InjaMedschool
96No Lights (feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C.)AlibiV Recordings
97Forever Dub (feat. Kiko Bun)FrictionElevate
98Labyrinth (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)CyantificViper Recordings
99Feel the FireBenny V / K-WarrenDance Concept
100InterstellarTCDon’t Play
101StompPaul T & Edward OberonV Recordings
102Click Clack (Original Mix)Deekline & Specimen AGorilla Warfare
103Simmer DownFox & Foreign Concept & Sam BingaCritical Music
105Jungle MusicAries & Serial Killaz feat. SpydaBorn On Road
106Imitation SoundbwoyBassface Sascha & FeindsoulSerial Killaz
107Sun (Vocal Mix)DJ LimitedSerial Killaz
108Where The Root IsJaxx feat. Mythz & GoldenNatty Dub Recordings
109Jungle Sick [Explicit]Rate AttackMetel Music
110Real Sound Killa (feat Capital D – Saxxon’s dub VIP)Saxxon & LiondubLiondub International
111All Ganja ManSerum & $pydaBassLayerz Recordings
112No Hate (original mix)Smoky D & LowriderzTime Of Night
113Jungle Reprezentah (Ozma remix)Smoky D & LowriderzTime Of Night
114What I SayTrex feat. FoxMac II
115UnderwaterSteppa Style & Veak & LowriderzStreetlife
116Early In The Morning (True Tactix Remix)Kursiva feat. Blackout JASouth Yard
117Champion Sound (Aries Remix)Deekline & Fish ft. Navigator & Blackout JAJungle Cakes
118Mad in the Jungle (feat. Doctor)FrictionElevate
119On RoadAries & Rahmanee feat. GardnaBorn On Road
120Pay Your Way (Fleck New School Jungle Remix)Fatlion HifiBoom Sound Recordings
121Babylon HerbalistDj Phlex And Bassface SaschaSerial Killaz
123Real JusticeAk1200Kronic Music
124All The Way Up (Original Mix)Deekline & Specimen AGorilla Warfare
125Itch & ScratchGellaBorn On Road
126Red LightGellaBorn On Road
127JOzCo-Lab Recordings
128Let Me Groove YouNeve & CrimsonThe Dreamers Recordings
129Eat Box (Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket Remix)Sammy Nicks & RekwestBiological Beats
130LouderDJ LimitedBiological Beats
131New DawnPhlex And Bassface SaschaRuffneck Ting
132Running ManKings Of The RollersHospital Records
133Money MonkeyShiny RadioKos.Mos.Music
134Super FunkDrumsound & Bassline SmithChronic
136The WaxJavaHazardous Musik
138BeneathInsideInfo & Hybrid MindsDrum&BassArena
139Every Minute (Bladerunner Remix)Brookes BrothersDrum&BassArena
140Tile (Original Mix)Reset WrongNoize
141Doppler (feat. Sulex)The DingModular Carnage
142Sound DeadEuphoniqueDutty Bass Audio
143Alone In Da JungleShiny RadioKos.Mos.Music
144ConquerSikey & SpeedwagonFokuz
145HauntingSilent StormBrawlin Beatz
146ResoluteWas a Be and Synth EthicsCritical Music
147Raw Power MovesMurdockChronic
148Lunch BoxDave OwenLiquid V
149SimianMohican SunEkho
150Big BandSkalyz & The Junk-eDutty Bass Audio
151Last Life in the Universe (SpectraSoul Remix)Blu Mar TenBlu Mar Ten Music