Episode 245 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 7-13-19 – Featuring The Dreamers Recordings

Featuring old, new, and pre-releases from the amazing drum & bass label The Dreamers Recordings!

#Track TitleArtistLabel
1LimboMonty, Visages feat. Benabu1985 Music
2Big GunsVoltageLow Down Deep Recordings
3BurnInvadhertzThe Dreamers Recordings
4No NeedSamurai BreaksThe Dreamers Recordings
5Deadly TechniqueNatural ForcesDispatch Recordings
6Gravitational LensingMefjus, Bowsar & KaizaClose 2 Death
7The Frozen TapeNeonlightDiascope
81999 (Original)Concord DawnCommercial Suicide
9Shaolin SunQua RushThe Dreamers Recordings
10Con GasThe Vanguard ProjectFokuz
11Let Me Groove YouNeve & CrimsonThe Dreamers Recordings
12Party StarterSamurai BreaksThe Dreamers Recordings
13SparklesHLZThe Dreamers Recordings
14MalwareUnglued, PhaceHospital Records
15Safe & SoundCrimsonThe Dreamers Recordings
16Party All NightConrad SubsDeep in the Jungle Records
17Dark PlacesDJ RapPropa Talent
18Get 2 Know U (Conrad Subs Remix)J.O.E.Maad Ting
19Hot Rock (Culprate Remix)PhaceNeosignal
20Get StuffedJohn BBeta Recordings
21LCJazzatronThe Dreamers Recordings
22Pump Up The VolumeSamurai BreaksThe Dreamers Recordings
23AttitudeNeve, CrimsonGuidance
24Wake upNeveThe Dreamers Recordings
25Dream sourceHLZThe Dreamers Recordings
26System ErrorNeonlight & HedjDiascope
27BreakWarp Fa2eClose 2 Death
28Take Me Away (Come Hard Mix)Exile & Mark XTCSerial Killaz
29Born In 94 (ft MC Conrad)UngluedHospital Records
30Raw PowerL PlusTechnique Recordings
31Ruff RideAgro feat. Killa PSub-liminal Recordings
32Motherboard BurningMaztekClose 2 Death
33Progressive RaverFRAMEThe Dreamers Recordings
34WurkdatSamurai BreaksThe Dreamers Recordings
35Level Up (Feat. MC Fokus)Ben Soundscape, MC FokusInnerground
36FragmentsWorkforceMust Make Music
37Level Up (Feat. MC Fokus)Ben Soundscape, MC FokusInnerground
38Paradise BluesHlzThe Dreamers Recordings
39Tech PriestQZBCritical Music
40NerinaFRAMEThe Dreamers Recordings
41Blade Runnin’ (Kumarachi Remix)ATYK feat. Dread MCRiddim Records
42EverytimeNeve & Wild Hits feat. Norah B.The Dreamers Recordings
43Hot DataIll Truth & SatlC.I.A. Records
44AlphaKirilThe Dreamers Recordings
45Discipline (Original)The InvaderzCommercial Suicide
46GlacierDJ Ransome and SynthForceCelsius Recordings
47Don’t EatJazzatronThe Dreamers Recordings
48Movie SceneJolliffe feat. Pastry MakerSoulvent Records

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