Episode 250 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 8-17-19 – Rain!

Completely bananas show this week with new drum & bass and a flood!

We had so many new tunes lined up to play from One Mindz, Viewer, Detoxic, R1C0, Hospital Records new releases, Conrad Subs on Liondub Street Series, Sam Binga and Rider Shafique, and more. But, just as the groove started getting strong, a huge thunderstorm blew into town and flooded the studios where we record each Saturday night. Suddenly, as I mopped up the floor with one hand, I pulled out a minor theme centered around Rain, and had to put some of the new dnb tunes off until next week. Crazy fun night, and thanks to all those who came to the aide of our radio station including Mark from Table of Contents, DJ Mar Tin, Always-There-4-U Johnathan, and DJ Sakura!

#Track TitleArtistLabel
1Ultimate (Original Mix)One MindzTrue Box Records
2Duck Theme (Original Mix)Amkam, ViewerDNBB Digital
3Trip HammerUlterior MotiveGuidance (UK)
5SixThirtyShamangaVoyage Music
6My Fire (Original Mix)KalixtoDNBB Digital
7glitched.gifLoli in early 20s
8SanctuaryR1C0Warm Ears Music
9At The Foot Of The Mountain (Double O Mantra Remix)Dennis BrownHospital Records
10Give NothingKolectiv featuring Becca Jane GreyRebel Music
11SplurtConrad SubsLionDub Street Series
12ChokeConrad SubsLionDub Street Series
13Everything NowShamangaVoyage Music
14England Story (ft S.P.Y)YTHospital Records
15A Winter Love (Remastered)MarkimDNBB Digital
16Where I Wanna BeR1C0Warm Ears Music
17Rainy DaysRhythm Beater ft JazzBlack Noiz
18London SoulThe InsomniaxViper
19Natural Mystic (Saxxon Remix)Horace AndyHospital Records
20Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix)John HoltHospital Records
21Missing You (Original Mix)RiddleSoulbass Recordings
22The Rain (Original Mix)J.O.EMaad Ting
23Foul Play (Original Mix)ViewerDNBB Digital
24Let It RainBlastikZDNBB Digital
25You Said (Feat. Maria-Lea) (Original Mix)ViewerDNBB Digital
26Level Up (Feat. MC Fokus)Ben Soundscape, MC FokusInnerground
27Down The Line Dub (Whiney Inja Remix)Mafia FluxyHospital Records
28HuntedHynBrawlin Beatz
29Acid GenerationGrafixHospital Records
30Found itInsideInfoInsideinfo Music
31Waterhouse Dub (Kiljoy Remix)Digital & KiljoyFunction Records
32Cut ThroatForgeSilk Recordings
33FreeholdForgeSilk Recordings
34Code BreakerConrad SubsNuusic
35Oh BoyMdProgRam
36Electric Smile (HLZ Remix)TweakzDelta9 Recordings
37Organic (Enei Remix)Sam Binga and Rider ShafiqueCritical Music
38Lonely DayRaiser & SpiralusRam Records