Episode 272 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 1-18-20

New tunes that start laid back, then take off for rollersmate!

We’re moving up in the world! This radio show/podcast is listened to around the world and listed in some pretty prestigious places, including this listing on Feedspot. We are in good company with other dnb community, keeping it underground and heavy!

#Track TitleArtistLabel
1Ready to roll (Original Mix)Sound Energy DJ MarnelTrue Box Records
2Good GroovePhysics, Emery & DreazzFokuz
3FunkafiedShodanWarm Ears Music
4Sunset (Original Mix)SimplificationDNBB
5Better DaysShodanWarm Ears Music
6Desert Sun (Original Mix)SimplificationDNBB
7StarsShapeshifter NZHospital Records
9The Touch (Netsky Remix)The ShapeshifterHospital Records
10Identification (VIP Mix)KumoLiondub
11Future Mission (feat. MC Astro)Simplification, TranslateChronic
12They Dont Know (Original Mix)JediDubstomp 2 Bass
13Dont Do Drugs (Original Mix)JediAudio Overload Jungle Records
14Día de MuertosFlacoChronic
15Interaction (Original Mix)Marki, SeptonAudio Overload Jungle Records
16CTK4000 (Original Mix)The Upbeats, Workforce, Tiki TaaneNo Sleep ‘Til…
17She Ever Hold MeUnknown ArtistCelsius Recordings
18CrankshaftPlasmer(No Label)
19The InfinityOne MindzTrue Box Records
20I Need Your Lovin’Unknown ArtistCelsius Recordings
21Hold Me TightShodanWarm Ears Music
22Haunts Of The Crypt (Falco Remix)Falco, dEEbDubstomp 2 Bass
23Bunners (Original Mix)Vital, DuttaInformal
24The LightsSili, Emery, DreazzFokuz
25WarlordBassface Sascha & DJ PhlexPhantom Dub Digital
26Hold On (Remix)Sanz feat. Louise Mac36 Hertz
27Lost In TomorrowShodan featuring Layla HillWarm Ears Music
28It’s Time (Original Mix)MidstDubstomp 2 Bass
29Twin Galaxies (The Upbeats VIP Remix)The Shapeshifter
30What NowMillbrookViper
31Lucky (Original Mix)Nu ElementzSweet Tooth
32Dive (Original Mix)PosijVision Recordings
33Here I Come (Original Mix)JediAudio Overload Jungle Records
34Get ByL-SideChronic
35Terms & ConditionsCemtekFormation Records
36Lambo (Original Mix)Need For MirrorsV Recordings
37Sleepless (B-Complex remix)The Shapeshifter
38Secrets (Original Mix)DisruptaInformal
39Unlimited BassCommand StrangeChronic
40GobsmackedShodanWarm Ears Music
41Need To Feel LovedUnknown ArtistCelsius Recordings
42Erosion (The Upbeats VIP)The Upbeats feat. Culture ShockNo Sleep ‘Til…
43Love The BassJEDI feat SKELTADubstomp 2 Bass
44Uncharted (Original Mix)The Upbeats, ShapeshifterNo Sleep ‘Til…
45UndergroundThe InvaderzChronic
46AfterthoughtCurrent ValueMethLab Recordings
47ELEMENTSFalcoNuclear Bass Records
48Crystal BallCurrent ValueMethLab Recordings

Playlist for Episode 272 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 1-18-20 recorded live in the Valley Free Radio studios, WXOJ, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!