Episode 305 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 9-5-20

Tons of new dnb tracks this week!

#Track TitleArtistLabel
1All Thats LeftScience of ManDeep Pan
2EnvelopAskel & ElereSoulvent Records
3PadnpenZar and Dan HarrisCelsius Recordings
4GlassAskel & ElereSoulvent Records
5Instructions [DUB]One MindzTrue Box Records
6Magna CartaSRLocked Up Music
7You See How It Spreads Out Like A FungusTHUGWIDOWSub Merchants
8Cluster BombQuartzSamurai Music
9Dangerous Jungle [DUB]One MindzTrue Box Records
11PulsateSurfaceStructured Music
12War Dance (feat. Whiney & Truthos Mufasa)UngluedHospital Records
13NuclearStillZ and Toby RossRecord Union
14Pull ItErbmanDance Concept
15Pulling TeefT>I and D*MindsCritical Music
16At MidnightMasker feat. IndigoMurky Digital
17Stingray DubDJ Gaw & CitrusflyPick ‘n’ Mix
18Pull UpScattyoneOriginal Key Recordings
19Dark StatementMasker feat. Jimmy DangerMurky Digital
20OutBreakScattyoneOriginal Key Recordings
21Got 2 HaveUngluedHospital Records
22Ride The Wave [Explicit]Bachelors of Science, Eko Zu, MC DreCode Recordings
23The Cut (VIP)AgroSub-liminal Recordings
24Gyalis [L-Side Remix]Rumble, Mr Lexx, Suku WardLiondub International
25VesselHeadroomFour Corners
26Playing In The Dark (feat. The Vanguard Project)DRS & DynamiteHospital Records
27Bills Piling Up (Isaac Maya RMX)Digitaldubs ft. Rebel LayonnLowFreqMX
28True RollerTomoyoshiOriginal Key Recordings
29Tectonic Plates (feat. DieMantle)DRS & DynamiteHospital Records
30Good TimesAlex SlkSub-liminal Recordings
31Where the Drumz At (Ozma Remix) [Explicit]SASASAS feat. MC Skibadee, MC Shabba D & Macky GeeSaSaSaS Music
32Human WeaknessSmoteFokuz
33GullyIsotropikDemand Records
34Back In The Game [DUB]One MindzTrue Box Records
35Deepest SoulSR, SectionLocked Up Music
36TwiceAskel & ElereSoulvent Records
37ExitZombie CatsDispatch
38How Did It Go Down (Sublow HZ Remix)Dope Ammo + Mix Ten feat. Jasmine KnightKartoons
391-Full_Contact-DropsetDropsetClose 2 Death
40Where Did You Go? (Bladerunner Remix)Kaia VieiraThese Furious Recordings
41No LimitOriginal SinPlayaz
42Suffer No Fools (Remix)Original SinEnergize Muzik
43RebootSkoreLow Down Deep Recordings
44Everynight (Leaf Remix)StillZ and BlckHryRecord Union
45FunkadelicFlat T & J2BFour Corners
46Burn Dem (Original Mix)Greekboy, mSdoSTribe of Dub
47Good Over Evil (Original Mix)Dub DefenseTribe of Dub
48Black HoleFlat TSub Heavy Audio
49Two Mics (feat. Missing)DRS & DynamiteHospital Records
50Lord (Prayers)Science of ManDeep Pan

Playlist for Episode 305 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 9-5-20 recorded live in the Valley Free Radio studios, WXOJ, 103.3 FM, Northampton, MA US. Join us every Saturday night at 8:00pm to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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