Episode 306 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 9-12-20

Madness on the releases and forthcoming tracks this week. So many awesome tunes!


#Track TitleArtistLabel
1Stone ColdSilence GrooveSoul Trader
2MiscommunicationMonument BanksFokuz
3SomewherePeter LixDojo Audio
4FondnessMotiv featuring DnbbethCelsius Recordings
5BurnoutHalftoneCelsius Recordings
6OriginsSeptabeat and Sofi MariFokuz
7Parabat (Crash Comet Bootleg)Sukh Knight(No Label)
8Arcade RacerOrbr(No Label)
9Hold It DownWood PackaAngel Helicopter
10Deeper EnoCitraInfluenza Media
11Box FreshMonument Banks featuring Shannon FarmerFokuz
12Computer LightsCitraInfluenza Media
13GoneFX909FX909 Music
14Spiritual BondCaimLive History Records
15Glowin’ (Original Mix)RedeyesThe North Quarter
16Illusive FX (Original Mix)Blade (Dnb)Smooth N Groove
17Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dope Ammo & DJ Hybrid Remix)Baby DDope Ammo
18Better WorldDub ElementsDEM Recordings
19Someone ElseDub ElementsDEM Recordings
20Buddha BassJ.O.E.DubPlate Dread
21My StyleLowriderzOzriderz
22Step JumpModuC4C Limited
23Come To Boom It UpJ.O.E.DubPlate Dread
24Bad StrategyFocusfire feat. AgnosteticsFocusfire Music
25Jungle A BussLowriderz & Steppa StyleOzriderz
26Natty Love (feat. Sweetie Irie)VoltageHospital Records
27The ClashDunkEncrypted Sound
28IndeepDunkEncrypted Sound
29That Lovin’Dub ElementsDEM Recordings
30Growing (Radiax Remix)Oakk, Rider ShafiqueUnchained Recordings
31Fakeworld (Royalston Remix)SeverityUnchained Recordings
32Long Distance (Original Mix)ThematicSofa Sound
33PulsateSurfaceStructured Music
34Deep ShishDov1 & HoovesMuti Music
35Cluster BombQuartzSamurai Music
36WaitingSeptabeat and Sofi MariFokuz
37Pigeon FunkUngluedHospital Records
38Bad Bonus (Paul T & Edward Oberon Remix)T.R.A.C. feat. L-SideV Recordings
39Lightweight (Break Remix)Total ScienceComputer Integrated Audio
40Burn (feat. Nu:Tone & Terri Walker)DRS & DynamiteHospital Records
41Outer OriginsArtificial IntelligenceMetalheadz
42MetaknightDJ ScamSeminal Sounds
43MistakeLowriderz & Distant FutureOzriderz
44This FeelingOderCygnus Music
45Dangerous [JNGL Instrumental] (Liondub International)Lost City, Moia BriLiondub International
46PlungerFocusfireFocusfire Music
47By Your SideFriction, Flowidus & RaphaellaElevate Records
48World Unknown (Modu Remix)Cause4ConcernC4C Limited
49Mi No RampKing Yoof feat. Natty CampbellKartoons
50Sphere HunterGravit-EKartoons
51Tripple ShotGravit-EKartoons
52Uprising (Mad Vibes Remix)OpiusBallpark Recordings
53WhiplashKabukiUnchained Recordings
54Almost ThereBcee, Charlotte HainingSpearhead
55How Did It Go Down (Sublow HZ Remix)Dope Ammo + Mix Ten feat. Jasmine KnightKartoons
56Cadillac BlueDunkEncrypted Sound
57MelancholyEgo TrippinLow Down Deep Recordings
58Harbourside RaveModuC4C Limited
59BBTLowriderz & Smoky DOzriderz
60Green TeaTomoyoshiOriginal Key Recordings
61Black HoleFlat TSub Heavy Audio
62Two Mics (feat. Missing)DRS & DynamiteHospital Records
63AloneHocseatCelsius Recordings
64Human WeaknessSmoteFokuz
65All In CirclesCitraInfluenza Media

DJ Pfeif mixes songs from the drum & bass genre, dance music in the 160-180 bpm range which is heavily influenced by hip-hop, UK Hardcore, reggae, and the rave scene. Songs are high-energy, full of driving drums, and dominated by heavy basses. DJ Pfeif uses three turntables, a mixer, and a trusty mic to mix between songs on the air. The music is continuous as one song flows into another without lulls. It airs Saturday nights from 8-10pm, EST, live through the Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3FM, Northampton, MA. News, playlists, archives, and general info can be found at DJPfeif.com. This is the recording of Episode 306 of Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif on 9-12-20.

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