Hack The Planet 310 on 10-10-20

Rocking new tunes and an energy roller coaster!

Track TitleArtistLabel
Mortal KombatThe Immortal(S)
Airwaves (mssd)InsideInfo feat. RhymestarInsideinfo Music
Cemetery of SplendourNC-17Boomslang Records
RumblefishShodanWarm Ears Music
JungleUnknown ArtistFokuz – Jungle
Endless StorySinecore0101 Music
Icebreaker (Incus Remix)Linear & K2TDetached Audio
DeliveranceSam Harris, N-Mon1c and AltexRebel Music
Pure Fetish (Original Mix)RNCBLJungle Pride
Gulag (Original Mix)Pasha SolecciMidnight Sun Recordings
CrowsLynch KingsleyThe Dreamers Recordings
Cluster BombQuartzSamurai Music
Memories (Original Mix)Qua Rush & FrameTerra Firma
OK! (Original Mix)Low:r feat. Jess DoneTerra Firma
Lyke DisUnknown ArtistFokuz – Jungle
1 2 3GellaDance Concept
Stone ColdZoro and DisruptaBorn On Road
Lift off the RoofJustin HawkesDrum&BassArena
We Have ContactGellaDance Concept
The FoundationGESTShogun Audio
DiscoveryFreaks & Geeks featuring Ruth RoyallRampage Recordings
Bad Bonus (Paul T & Edward Oberon Remix)T.R.A.C. feat. L-SideV Recordings
Life Of A DJ (feat. Demolition Man)VoltageHospital Records
This Is Where The Dance Gets SweetJ.O.E.DubPlate Dread
Miles ApartMaduk and Dennis Pedersen featuring Ella Noël and RinoLiquicity Records
SeasonsINSTAG8Raw Motion Records
Tripple ShotGravit-EKartoons
Keep On DancingVoltageHospital Records
Against The GrainCutworx, Bulb & Julia MarksOcculti Music
ReplicantInMostSoulvent Records
Feel so RealGellaDance Concept
How Ya Feelin (Gella Remix)Benny V, K-WarrenDance Concept
Ping PongSaxxonBoomslang Records
Ungreyed TonesTaos0101 Music
Boom (mssd-ish)NeonlightBackout Music
EntropyBad District & Fatloaf0101 Music
GanglandsEdison & SMP0101 Music
Porcelain feat. Ruth RoyallRuckspinSoulvent Records
OrbitingShodanWarm Ears Music
Spheres (Lakeway Remix)WhineyMedschool
Deep ShishDov1 & HoovesMuti Music
Tangible Leads (Physics Remix)ChampagneMidnight Sun Recordings
UnityFlowrian & SimstahFlight Pattern
GolemConrad SubsNuusic
Get What I CanStan SBLiquicity Records
MoonlightEdlan & AnastasiaLiquicity Records
Close The DoorPicota & KumbhCelsius Recordings
VisionsSaxxonBoomslang Records
JoyFliteLiquicity Records
SeizureFriction x Bou x TriggaElevate Records
StressDephas8 –0101 Music
OnyxGrafix feat. Chrissie HuntleyHospital Records
Out Of TimeMonrroe feat. Zara KershawShogun Audio
Don’t Let Me GoBladerunnerSoulvent Records
ClockersNC-17 featuring JinxBoomslang Records
First RequestUpgradeSerial Killaz
Gumshoe (mssd)Serum & VoltageLow Down Deep Recordings
The PeakDknSubtitles Music
Crystal (Original Mix)DuoscienceDNBB Records
All Thats LeftScience of ManDeep Pan
Little Dub (Original Mix)Conrad SubsTribe of Dub
Computer LightsCitraInfluenza Media
We Could BeReburfCelsius Recordings

Playlist for Hack The Planet 310 with DJ Pfeif on 10-10-20 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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