Hack The Planet 336 on 4-10-21 – 161

Liquid big energy and some deep flavors

Track TitleArtistLabel
Smoke DreamsSurreal and MotivGalacy
Amen HorrorMohanCalibrate Records
Kick Back (Bootleg)JoakuimCX: Exclusive
Eternal EnergyMyselorCause4Concern Recordings
SoldierTomoyoshiOriginal Key Recordings
GenomeDoseHuski Records
Robot Rock (Original mix)DJ SofaMidnight Sun Recordings
Rolla at MeBassBrothersChronic
Digital Evolution (Original mix)DJ SofaMidnight Sun Recordings
Temple In The Forest (Original Mix)TomoyoshiTribe of Dub
LockedBassBrothers, L-Side feat. HariboChronic
Explain ItRitualCelsius Recordings
The Road Goes On ForeverHigh ContrastHospital Records
Tyho Dity Splyat (I Wannabe remix)alyona alyona(No Label)
Cosmic RainPluton, SkyerHospital Records
Elevate This Sound (uto)Calyx & TeebeeRAM Records
ExpressionDJ SsTechnique Recordings
UnpredictablyIntelligent Manners, Command StrangeInnerground
WarehouseLegion & LogamPlayaz
Minimal InstinktKirilCritical Music
Caught In The MomentData 3 featuring BlakeSoul Trader
Begin By Letting GoEtherwoodMedschool
Last CallLow:rSuch Music
Spoken (feat. Rocky Nti)EtherwoodMedschool
Bitterness (Original Mix)Altered Perception & ImprintInfluenza Media
By a Thread (Hybrid Minds Remix)MediksDrum&BassArena
Latin Way (Original Mix)CalibreSignature Recordings
Somebody New (Jakwob VIP) [feat. Tiffani Juno]JakwobHospital Records
Roxy Music VIPZero TDispatch Recordings
Motion Blur (DLR Remix)NoisiaVision Recordings
StitchesThe Vanguard ProjectSpearhead
Tingz a GwarnVoltageGrindhouse
Rising SunSweet & SikkaFormation Records
Love Forever (Random Movement Remix)SimplificationAll Street Recordings
StarloveDreazz and EmeryCelsius Recordings
Shadows and DreamsDigital + ResoundFunction
Psycho SomaticKluteCommercial Suicide
BlackoutLegion and LogamPlayaz
The DrumsSavage RehabPlanet V
Hyperborean (feat. Data 3)Pola & BrysonShogun Audio
The View (DJ Pfeif Edit)DRS featuring LSB, Tyler Daley(No Label)
Unsaid (feat. Blake)Pola & BrysonShogun Audio
Dreamscape (Original Mix)LimitlessNu Venture Records
AtlanticDub FoundationTechnique Recordings
1 N 2Jonny LHospital Records
Clouds Cross SkiesFred V & GrafixHospital Records
We Are Not HumanJune Miller featuring Hannah LuxRAM Records
Blk & Blu (Calibre Remix)Chase & StatusRAM Records
Something StrangeData 3Addictive Behaviour
Light in the Dark (feat. Terri Walker)SpectrasoulShogun Audio
Therapy (Original Mix)LynxWarm Communications
Forsaken (Calibre Remix) [feat. Peven Everett, SpectraSoul]Alix PerezShogun Audio
Forgotten FunkJaybee & Andy SimChronic
Broken Plates (Voltage Rollers Remix)Randall, Dave Antony & LisaMilletMac II
Skeletons (feat. Grimm)Hybrid MindsHybrid Music
BurningMystical SoundFokuz Recordings
206Quadrant, Kid Hops, IrisCommercial Suicide
Dreadnaught (Phace Remix) [feat. SP:MC]IcicleShogun Audio
Step Away [feat. MC Singing Fats]Chase & StatusVirgin EMI
The Void (Hoax Remix)After HoursPrimitive UK
Lost In Sound (Original Mix)BladerunnerHi-Resolution Recordings
Return of ForeverHigh ContrastHospital Records
Heavenly Dawn (Jungle Mix)CnofFokuz Recordings
No Strings AttachedNetskyHospital Records
Sunday Experience (Original Mix)TomoyoshiTribe of Dub
Midnight FunkLynxPlayaz

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