Hack The Planet 341 on 5-15-21

New releases and forthcoming tracks.

Track TitleArtistLabel
Lick (Original Mix)ChangerSoul Deep Digital
Un-thinkableCitrusFX909 Music
Cold StepsOrbr(NL)
Break My HeartdRamatic &b dbAudioFlexout Audio
VictoriaMotiv and SurrealFokuz Recordings
Nostalgia At The DiscoFinnaDriftDefault Recordings
EverlastingTechnimaticTechnimatic Music
MinefieldTechnimaticTechnimatic Music
The Big Rip-OffOrbr(NL)
2 InfinityMissing & TrexSpearhead Records
Bright HorsesUnknown ArtistFokuz Recordings
MOUSE HUNTSpillerDubstomp 2 Bass
Looking For Love (Instrumental Mix)One MindzDNBB Records
Pull UpMystical SoundKos.Mos.Music
MOUSE HUNTSpillerDubstomp 2 Bass
UndergroundDonkai KongSuch Music
SoldierTomoyoshiOriginal Key Recordings
RollozYatuza & AsuraMurky Digital
Cosmic Ray (Original Mix)Electric SoulSoulbass Recordings
TroglodyteCulture ShockRAM Records
Sry MumDubApeLUX Music
MajestyBattery & PhilthDispatch Recordings
BurnInvadhertzThe Dreamers Recordings
AmbraBattery & PhilthDispatch Recordings
Bass OverCritical Impact, DJ SSFormation Records
The Only ReasonOne MindzDutty Audio
Badman (Original Mix)ArtificeInner City Dance
ELEMENTSFalcoNuclear Bass Records
LockedBassBrothers, L-Side feat. HariboChronic
Bring Us TogetherKeist and Tr0mDefault Recordings
Beach RunJaybeeFlight Pattern
Eternal (Original Mix)PoschekSoul Deep Exclusives
NBD (Original Mix)Schematic & PolarisInner City Dance
EgotripVisages1985 Music
Don’t DrownRitualCelsius Recordings
DamnInvadhertz & Qua RushDelta9 Recordings
Heavenly Dawn (Jungle Mix)CnofFokuz Recordings
ChirpMotivLiquid Lab
SamuraiMONSSSubway Soundz
Clap For ThatK-JahRuffneck Ting
ComoseaYatuza & SouldierMurky Digital
Baddest SoundOram and Toby RossAudio Addict
HeterizeEtherwoodHospital Records
We BreatheMonika & Akuratyde featuring OktaeFokuz Recordings
Color SetDuoscienceCelsius Recordings
Endless Battles (FX909 MUSIC 021)BluefootjaiFX909 Music
StarsShapeshifter NZHospital Records
CathedralCulture ShockRAM Records
Jazz AdventurePicota & KumbhCelsius Recordings
Fast ForwardMissing & TrexSpearhead Records
KitesSilence GrooveFokuz Recordings
Love CallThe Vanguard ProjectSpearhead
I Know (Original Mix)GreekboySoul Deep Exclusives
Less Than Zero feat. Heidi VogelMissing & TrexSpearhead Records
FingertipsFearbaceBay 6 Recordings

Playlist for Hack The Planet 341 with DJ Pfeif on 5-15-21 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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