Hack The Planet 346 on 6-19-21

Various moody moods


Track TitleArtistLabel
FoundationsDeconJazzsticks Recordings
Retro (Guardians Of D’alliance Remix)E-Z RollersMoving Shadow
YumePaul SGJazzsticks Recordings
Droppin’ Science (E-Z Remix)E-Z RollersMoving Shadow
NomomuSubreachersNext Phase Records
Georgia Landing (Omni Trio Remix)SouthPoncho
JourneySyncline and Zero GravityJazzsticks Recordings
WavesDave WallaceMoving Shadow
Dirty HarryAdam FAstralwerks
Take AwayJoint VentureLiftin’ Spirit Records
Child Of The Wild WestRoni Size & Cypress HillImmortal Records
South Of The RiverMadcapJazzsticks Recordings
ReasonsWorkforce1985 Music
BloomAbstract Drumz & PeebCause4Concern Recordings
Don t Tell (Part II)Workforce1985 Music
The VowBlacklabFuture Retro Records
Back To The Sun (feat. Ruth Royall)In:MostSoulvent Records
100 (Bcee Remix)Galactus JackFuture Retro Records
PrangSurvival & ScriptDispatch Recordings
Blues (Original mix)SoulTecMidnight Sun Recordings
Don’t Be Scared (Original Mix)JrumhandSoul Deep
PacificaDexcellFuture Retro Records
Slow ShutterArtseaFuture Retro Records
8 Am Roller (Duskee’s Freestyle Version)Duskee and JoakuimFokuz Recordings
EvolvingDuskee & SL8RShogun Audio
Ted Nelson at the first Hackers Conference
Talk Loud feat DuskeeVillem & Zero TMURKT
1978Umax and PyxisFour Corners
Waltz For Koop (Dj Patife Remix)Koop
Lambo (Original Mix)Need For MirrorsV Recordings
MorugaJohn B, DigitalMetalheadz
Digital Evolution (Original mix)DJ SofaMidnight Sun Recordings
Re-PastAbstract Drumz & PeebCause4Concern Recordings
YamNeed For Mirrors feat. Oli LewisV Recordings
SlippedNeed For MirrorsV Recordings
SinnersSMBFour Corners
Russian DollStay-CHospital Records
Is This Even RealScreamartsRebel Music
Walk Out (Radio Edit)Fox, DLR & Alix PerezThe North Quarter
Born To ThriveArtseaFuture Retro Records
TriangleSpiritual VoicesOnset Audio
Melancholic Lurker (Original Mix)Horde (ft. Kripsy)Impact Music
TrappedSublimit and JabaruDispatch Recordings
Focused (Original Mix)HordeImpact Music
Wall WalkingLeksFour Corners
Speedhacktunnl visionProgRam
SedActionAndraxHyperactivity Music
Super AcidKoaxFour Corners
Babylon System (Instrumental Mix)Acuna and Madrush MCAudio Addict
GotAbstr4ctDutty Audio
RollozYatuza & AsuraMurky Digital
Well YeahTweakzFour Corners
Rolling UpG.P.MSouth Yard
Back In The DayScreamartsRebel Music
Play It (Original Mix)PaybackSmooth N Groove
Stay Tuned (Original mix)JazzInspiredMidnight Sun Recordings
Inspire Me (Original mix)Bluez & BroncoMidnight Sun Recordings
YumeScreamartsRebel Music
Walking Notes (Original Mix)Paul SG and SoulstructureJazzsticks Recordings
EyesDvice One and LNOFour Corners
The AnswerAbstract DrumzCause4Concern Recordings
Nothing ChangesAbstract DrumzCause4Concern Recordings
When We First MetKazbo and DeconJazzsticks Recordings
Moondance (Remaster)AquaskyPassenger

Playlist for Hack The Planet 346 with DJ Pfeif on 6-19-21 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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