Hack The Planet 381 on 2-26-22 – Ukraine

Supporting those stuck in the middle of war. Featuring real sounds of war from number stations to bombs to protests.

Track TitleArtistLabel
Real Number Station recorded as Russia engaged in war with Ukraine
ApartWhytwoBlu Mar Ten Music
Deeper (Original Mix)FurneySoul Deep Exclusives
The Ghost of Jungle PastHigh ContrastHospital Records
What Does It Matter (Original Mix)FurneySoul Deep Exclusives
Fingers (Liondub International)DJ GawLiondub International
ConstellationsCryogenicsEvil Audio Recordings
TychoMarc RentonDrum Army
Kyiv Air Raid Sirens
Roger TessierSpring Heel JackTrade 2
Tile (Original Mix)Reset WrongNoize
On Fire (ft. Drummotive)Marenn SukieNext Phase Records
PromisesWhytwoBlu Mar Ten Music
Am FirmamentMinds&MachinesrecordJet
Anti-war protest Moscow
Evolutions (Original Mix)FurneySoul Deep Exclusives
The RavenAcid_LabConveyor Audio
Nine LivesAlbert WeskerVinyl Combat
Distant Heavy Artillery
Break The SilenceDashDefault Recordings
Kyiv Air Raid Sirens
Roxy Music VIPZero TDispatch Recordings
Squandered GiftsLarigoldElm Imprint
NostalgiaEvasionInfluenza Media
Thanks for ComingWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
HauntedCryogenicsOmni Music
Anti-war protest Moscow
SecretsHmrStraight Up Breakbeat
InterstellarAkinsa (feat. Yanai)Akinsa
Assange – War, Media Lies
Lost RelictsROHOWeaponry
RetinaHomemade Weapons feat. Red ArmySamurai Music
Artillery fire overhead
WastemanTaelimbHospital Records
Cold As Ice (Original Mix)SubcriminalGhetto Dubz
Green LightsDashDefault Recordings
Hold Me CloseQbig & Zenith BFlexout Audio
Lost FocusEchomaticsCelsius Recordings
PulsarSiphlexCitrus Recordings
Photon (Optimystic Remix)EschatonOmni Music
ExistingCalibreThirtyOne Recordings
Electric TouchPhil TangentLunar Records
Looking for Diversion (feat. Lucy Kitchen) [VIP Mix]TechnimaticShogun Audio
Greenlands (Dustkey Remix)Leniz & StykeDifferential Recordings
Lick (Original Mix)ChangerSoul Deep Digital
ChoicesCnofCelsius Recordings
MalformedKastro and ParallelTimeless Audio
Potato OutroSunchaseKashtan
FingertipsFearbaceBay 6 Recordings
Emergence (Original Mix)01-DeazyDNBB Records
Lazy DayPhaceNeosignal UK
EarthDuoScienceM Ocean
PulsateSurfaceStructured Music
DruidsLynxSoul In Motion Records
ApparitionCernSamurai Music
ElektronNami Ongaku, RizzleOverview Music
Lost Along the Way (feat. D.Ablo)TechnimaticShogun Audio
8 am RollerJoakuimFokuz Recordings
8 Am Roller (Duskee’s Freestyle Version)Duskee and JoakuimFokuz Recordings
Real Number Station recorded as Russia engaged in war with Ukraine

Playlist for Hack The Planet 381 with DJ Pfeif on 2-26-22 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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