Hack The Planet 384 on 3-19-22 – He Walked By Night (1948)

Hack The Planet presents He Walked By Night (1948) drum & bass edition

Track TitleArtistLabel
The ArrivalExternal SubwayFokuz Recordings
Noir (Original Mix)HiddenwaveScientific
MetanoiaLenizDifferential Recordings
Noir (Bop Remix)IMANUVision Recordings
Noir (Ulterior Motive Remix)RockwellCritical Music
This Is Los AngelesLemon DMetalheadz
GanglandsEdison & SMP0101 Music
Smooth OperatorTweakzSyncopix
Obey the CurfewJam ThievesPlayaz
Attention To SufferingWorkforceMust Make Music
Cold KillaShimonRAM Records
MurdererKumarachiAudio Addict
The SirensMefjusVision Recordings
A.P.B. (2021 Remaster)IQ CollectiveTrouble on Vinyl Music
The Basement Of Police StationMasami Ueda/Shusaku Uchiyama/Shun Nishigaki
CriminalEuphoniqueBorn On Road
Cold Sweat (Original Mix)BreakCritical Recordings
Computerised Cops (Pascals Remix)Ganja KruTrue Playa’z
Cops Are Good at FindingKyle Dixon & Michael SteinLakeshore Records
GangsterMampi SwiftCharge
Gangsta V.I.PTotal Science, S.P.YShogun Audio
Neighbourhood SnitchTrakkerNatty Dub Recordings
Alone in the DarkS.P.YHospital Records
Don’t Wanna Be AloneLoadstarRAM Records
FugitiveCovert GardenFokuz Recordings
GreyhoundEcliptixDefault Recordings
Modus OperandiPhotekScience
Drop Top CaddyAphrodite & Mickey FinnUrban Takeover
Sound Of Da Police (Mickey Finn Remix)Bassline GeneratorChameleon Recordings
Modus OperandiBowsarIN:DEEP Music
Underground TunnelHarry Gregson-Williams
Valley Of The ShadowsOrigin UnknownRAM Records
America’s most WantedTV Hits
PoliceAngelo Badalamenti
Hey Mr Policeman (Damageman Remix)FayshaDutty Bass Audio
Evil CrimePicota & KumbhCitrus Recordings
Serial KillaAhmad, Loxy & GremlinzRenegade Hardware
Gas (Original Mix)Andy PainVandal Records
GunshottaMythComputer Integrated Audio
Gunfinger Fam (VIP)Serum, Voltage, InjaHospital Records
KyudoEcliptixDefault Recordings
StrokesEcliptixDefault Recordings
StaticLiquid Memoirs & KhromiBay 6 Recordings
Word For WordLeniz and BrainworkDifferential Recordings
FlareEcliptixDefault Recordings
The Fifth ColumnPhotekScience
Coming Home (feat. Dustkey)Leniz and DustkeyDifferential Recordings
The Last NightExternal Subway featuring OktaeFokuz Recordings
JadedLiquid MemoirsBay 6 Recordings
The Chase (Madison’s Action Soundtrack)Normand Corbeil

Playlist for Hack The Planet 384 with DJ Pfeif on 3-19-22 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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