Hack The Planet 387 on 4-16-22 – Hollow Knight

Drum & Bass inspired by the Soundtracks to Hollow Knight, Heavy Rain, and more.

Track TitleArtistLabel
Enter HallownestChristopher Larkin
SlowdanceEvasionInfluenza Media
Jim Morrison – future of music (1969)
Look Up From From the GroundK2TDrum Army
Homebwoy JungleRainforest and CalculonShoot Recordings
DirtmouthChristopher Larkin
I Can SeeLow:rSpearhead Records
ArticulateBene x PhilDrum Army
CrossroadsChristopher Larkin
ExpressionsGreekboyOmni Music
GreenpathChristopher Larkin
Electric BlueKarmasynKCODE Recordings
Buggin feat. Jem Cooke (Sureshock Remix 2022)Hot Since 82(NL)
ReflectionChristopher Larkin
The ArrivalExternal SubwayFokuz Recordings
Mint GhostKimyan Law[ + + + ]
The More Things ChangeUphonixDefault Recordings
Let The Imprisoned Larks Escape (Original Mix)Livid CheeseDetached Audio
ConstellationsOut of Fuel & AkinsaTranslation Recordings
Resting GroundsChristopher Larkin
Blood MoonDub PhizixSenkaSonic
Little RollerEpicentre and GuziNuusic
Triumph (Original Mix)Ink & BTKDutty Audio
AethersphereGreekboy & Sonic ArtOmni Music
Fungal WastesChristopher Larkin
Child Of The Wild WestRoni Size & Cypress HillImmortal Records
PlatesSpring Heel JackTrade 2
Queen’s GardensChristopher Larkin
Rwenzori (Karma Kingdom Remix)K2T & SirusDetached Audio
The Bulldozer (Jayden’s Action Soundtrack)Normand Corbeil
The Orb of DreamersThe Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra
EarthDuoScienceM Ocean
FloodsFrank Jonsson
LibationChordsRAM Records
Droopy likes your faceC418
Quiet Days [Remastered]Hidden AgendaDispatch Recordings
Twilight WalkRautuDifferent Styles Music
Clouds ObserverThe Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra
Past, Present & FutureMajestimGlitch Audio
Kingdom’s EdgeChristopher Larkin
Angel DownUphonixDefault Recordings
Pretty LiesUphonixDefault Recordings
Roger TessierSpring Heel JackTrade 2
Glimmer Of HopeAlegria & RadicallTogether with Ukraine
DreamChristopher Larkin
TrenchR3IDY and KalaneRebel Music
Droopy likes ricochetC418
Yukon feat. Tokyo ProseRedeyesFIVE ALLEY
The Last NightExternal Subway featuring OktaeFokuz Recordings
NoskChristopher Larkin
Crystal (Original Mix)DuoscienceDNBB Records
Diamond Shores GlistenEcovillage
Hollow KnightChristopher Larkin
Jim Morrison – future of music (1969)

Playlist for Hack The Planet 387 with DJ Pfeif on 4-16-22 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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