Hack The Planet 403 on 8-13-22

Techstep vibes


Track TitleArtistLabel
The RaveJonny LSpearhead
No UnityKublaiComputer Integrated Audio
Gun PointLensSpearhead Records
RollzSlaineDirtbox Recordings
FuturismGESTShogun Audio
AtomicData 3Flexout Audio
UndercoverCritical Impact, DJ SSFormation Records
JuneJonny L23:22
ExpoWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
SmultronställeWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
Codename WushuGunstonHyperactivity Music
FoundationsMefjus, NoisiaVision Recordings
Nineties ColliderdBaseFormation Records
Tell DemFrameImpact Music
Minimal InstinktKirilCritical Music
Shadow DangerGunstonHyperactivity Music
Hold Me CloseQbig & Zenith BFlexout Audio
Stimulus Progression PatternWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
I.C.U.EcliptixDefault Recordings
Show Me What You GotMCLEOD & SYMPTOMEmcee Recordings
MolotovD SIDEClawhammer Recordz
Tripped UpPASub-liminal Recordings
Crumbled (Digital Bonus DLR’s 3rd Time Around Remix)HybrisDispatch Recordings
Midnight TrainnCamargo, SubsidNCounter Music
Instant MoneyWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
HyperstoneDawn WallEkho
Reeses PiecesJfalGrand Theft Audio Recordings UK
Don’t RushKublaiComputer Integrated Audio
The Last Thing You Hear (ft. Puzzle)Sign PuzzleImpact Music
Just StayMaykorsSoul Trader Records
All I NeedSoul ConnectionDefault Recordings
Mainliner (Homemade Weapons Remix)PreshaSamurai Music
Remedy MuzikTitan DredDread Recordings
TundraAcid LabLossless Music
The Ideal CityWardownBlu Mar Ten Music
Dubplate PressureKonklaveDream Killer Recordings
EclipseSkoelCelsius Recordings
BoomerangBlack Yukon Sucker PunchYukon Punch Recordings
Cocooned VIPBungle31 Recordings
Scare TacticsHologramDeVice
TechnodromeNeed For Mirrors & Concord DawnBlu Mar Ten Music
WhoongaTotal Science and S.P.YCIA
Status LowMikalMetalheadz
BlackoutLegion and LogamPlayaz
MemoriesDanee BG13
DefinitionQuadrant, Kid Hops, IrisCommercial Suicide
ResetHalogenix1985 Music
Call It What You WantScarDispatch Recordings
OzoneMindmapper, SilvahfonkFlexout Audio
Honya (uto)Qbig & Zenith BFlexout Audio
Crossing the RubiconPhil Tangent, PennygilesMetalheadz
U Make Me Feel (HLZ Remix)ConscienceFlexout Audio
EgotripVisages1985 Music

Playlist for Hack The Planet 403 with DJ Pfeif on 8-13-22 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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