Hack The Planet 435 on 4-1-23

Hack The Planet presents The Asphalt Jungle (1950), Drum & Bass Edition

AI image-generation prompt: Egotrip by Visages, HD
ArtistTrack TitleLabel
OxiusDualityImpact Music
KrugahLoss Of DoriceInner City Dance
C-DuWalrusImpact Music
Drum OriginsBraveInfluenza Media
Mineral Ft. ResoundThe Whispers Within (Resound Remix)Omni Music
Airstrike & Silence GrooveDisconnectOffworld Recordings
Drum OriginsSerenityInfluenza Media
BinaryCritical MassOmni Music
Total Science and S.P.YWhoongaCIA
Flava DRed PillHospital Records
Critycal Dub, Level 2, DJ Chap & AndrezzChangesChronic
TelomicLesson LearnedLiquicity Records
LaodesDaybreakInversion Recordings
Xeomi and KaizaBring It BackCelsius Recordings
Dawn WallNomadIntegral Records
ASHFLOFist ThrowerPatrol The Skies
EuphoricsTechlashSoul Deep Exclusives
KrugahTo The FutureInner City Dance
WorkforceFragmentsMust Make Music
Doc ScottGhost 25Metalheadz
ASHFLOChoose OnePatrol The Skies
TelomicCloserLiquicity Records
DrumcatcherTensionImpact Music
ClassifyedArtilleryNatty Dub Recordings
BTK & Archive 21Thunder RidgeArchitecture Recordings
R1C0JungleWarm Ears Music
Phil Tangent, PennygilesCrossing the RubiconMetalheadz
Qbig & Zenith BHonyaFlexout Audio
Inertia (NZ)TrappedPhase Records DNB
HalogenixReset1985 Music
JazzinspiredKeeper of the KeyFX909 Music
VisagesEgotrip1985 Music
Mohican SunProvidenceIntegral Records
Dub PhizixSnowprintsSenkaSonic
Paul T, Edward OberonPut It DownChronic
S.P.YBlack Flag ((VIP))Hospital Records
BungleAnglesSpearhead Records
HLZ & MC FatsMystery SoundDispatch Recordings
Black BarrelLeahMetalheadz
Andy SkopesHeroin Wash (feat. Coerce)Metalheadz
TeknicalOkinawaSub Wavelength Recordings

Playlist for Hack The Planet presents The Asphalt Jungle (1950), Drum & Bass Edition, #435 with DJ Pfeif on 4-1-23 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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