Hack The Planet 440 on 5-13-23 – High Strangeness

High Strangeness — Stonehenge, Crop Circles, Betty & Barney Hill, Rendlesham Forest, Roswell, UFOs, Phoenix Lights, and more!

AI image prompt generated live: “UFO by Photek, 8k”
ArtistTrack TitleLabel
Mark SnowIntroitus: Praeceps Transito SpatiumWarner Records Inc.
Mark SnowMateria Primoris: The X-Files Theme (Main Title)Warner Records Inc.
µ-ZiqUrmur BileAstralwerks
µ-ZiqLet LetAstralwerks
PlugVersatileBlue Planet Recordings
SquarepusherDimotane CoRephlex
Aphex TwinStart As You Mean To Go OnWarp Records
µ-ZiqIced JemAstralwerks
SquarepusherBeep StreetWarp Records
Victim of Bermuda Triangle
Fyfe Symington – breathtaking
SquarepusherPort RhombusWarp Records
TexaaaxShoxResurrection Community Records
George Knapp – UFOs are real, and aren’t ours
Section 63VoyagerInsomnius Music
De Cet X SectionEvokedLocked Up Music
Sounds we can’t identify
Abstract ElementsStickjawMicrofunk Music
Coast to Coast AM (9-11-1997) – Frantic Caller
Spiritual Voices & NuskuFlying to NowhereInception:Audio
Spiritual Voices & NuskuRising Moon (Offish Remix)Inception:Audio
Rendlesham Forest Incident – The Halt Tape (Dec 1980)
MefjusZenith (feat. flowanastasia) [MODIFIED]MODUS
R4NS0MCapassityFour Corners Music
Mark SnowRaptusWarner Records Inc.
Noisia & TeebeeTime StopsSubtitles Music
Soul Intent and ChromaticTwisterLossless Music
NuvertalArrivalNeuropunk Forge
TobaxBlasters & FlowersNeuropunk Records
OzmaHeart (SAVOKI remix)Ozriderz
GourskiReincarnation (Smeerlapp Remix)Aw4ke
VenjentMay the 4th
FrywareStaggerHigh Tea Music
PlasmatorVideodrome (VIP)Faction Digital Recordings
NemyStockholmRebel Music
ManifoldInner VoiceUtopia Music
JavanoPineRegression Media
Maj Gen John A Samford’s UFO statement 7-31-1952
Shuttle STS-115 – strange fabric in space
Dark Dean & HankinsonMind UpDefault Recordings
Zero T, Minor FormsSecond GuessSofa Sound
Betty Hill Hypnosis 01
Finalfix & Six RealmsVirtueDispatch Recordings
HLZ & MC FatsMystery SoundDispatch Recordings
AlakazamTerabyteSINFUL MAZE
SatlUFOThe North Quarter
AkasRoller 98Deep in the Jungle Records
AleyumEluding Dreams (Hiraeth Remix)Soul Deep Digital
Proof of intelligent life on Earth
Aphex TwinAlberto BalsalmWarp Records

Playlist for Hack The Planet 440 with DJ Pfeif on 5-13-23 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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