Certain shows are available for booking a guest DJ to come into the studio and play live! Get in touch if you want to come on the show! If you’re not near Western Massachusetts, you can send in a guest mix instead. Info below.


Guest DJs usually play from 8:45 to 9:45pm – the specific timing might vary, but you’ll get a full hour of the show.

If invited, you’ll be booked for a certain date. Please do all you can to keep that commitment – only certain dates are available for guests and we book weeks or months out.


Please make sure to have your set list available if possible after the show, so we can add it to the documentation on this site, and in the radio station’s archives. We want to support the artists and labels that make the music by helping them get their royalty, and spreading the word that they get played. If you use Rekordbox, you can export the list from there and email it over.


If you can’t make it to western Massachusetts to play live, you can always send in a guest mix or dubplates for consideration on the air! Guest mixes should always include a mention (or a few) with your name and the show’s name. For instance, during an intro you might say “This is DJ FancyPants in the mix for Drum & Bass with DJ Pfeif” or something similar. You’ll also get mentions during the show and online to promote your mix. Please make sure to include a set list with your mix.


Standard in-studio equipment is Pioneer XDJ turntables, which take MP3s via flash drive, and a mixer. If you use a laptop, that should be fine. Turntables for vinyl can also be set up.


When you come on the show, we love to talk you up! Please send over photos, logos, style preferences, and as much info as you can to help us put together promos for you to post, and slides for the video during the show.

Please expect to promote your appearance on Facebook, your website, and whatever other media you usually use. We will do the same!