Jungle / Drum & Bass Subgenres Infographic

Junlge / Drum & Bass is centered around two main elements: the tempo is between 150-200 bpm and the bass is awesome. One of the cool things about the genre is that it can host so many different feels, vibes, and grooves.

Below is one of the ways we think about the various subgenres with the four major subgenres in each of the corners: Neurofunk, JumpUp, Techstep, and Liquid. An exciting part of the jdnb landscape is that these definitions change and slide around especially when exciting new producers cross the streams to come up with something new, or pull from various subgenres in a new tune, or make up something really new and interesting.

This diagram show the way we think about the genres when planning sets or thinking about how two songs might sound when played next to each other.

Let us know if this looks good, or makes you really mad, or if you have thoughts. Enjoy!

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