Hack The Planet 343 on 5-29-21

Rolling, then chilling to liquid

Track TitleArtistLabel
Pull UpMystical SoundKos.Mos.Music
Depth Charge (original)UmaxFour Corners
Rolling UpG.P.MSouth Yard
GatorSerumCritical Music
Bad MondayS.P.YDARKMTTR Records
EclipseHexaGrid Recordings UK
RollozYatuza & AsuraMurky Digital
Disperse (Imprint Remix)IncusOccupy Sound
DopamineTrexTrust Audio
EasyCEMaad Ting
0121Toby RossLiondub International
RednecksHexaGrid Recordings UK
Dusk (Original)Dossa & LocuzzedViper Recordings
The Only ReasonOne MindzDutty Audio
20/21 (DLR Remix)Future CutFuture Cut Recordings
AwakeAC13Born On Road
When It’s Dark Out (HLZ Remix)RadicallWarm Ears Music
RequiemMetrikHospital Records
EverlastingTechnimaticTechnimatic Music
CooperNic ZigZagLive History Records
NonameitA.K.A & mSdoSLiquid Drops
PlacesFullaloveDNBB Records
Koi KarpRyaudioDefault Recordings
Life In Abundance (Original Mix)ZonerSoul Deep Digital
See You (SoulStructure Remix)LinearDifferential Recordings
Deep StepVillemSymmetry Recordings
Blade Runner BluesVangelis
Don t Tell (Part II)Workforce1985 Music
Big ShotsBlu Mar TenBlu Mar Ten Music
Fossa MagnaVelocityHuman Elements
Tell Me Why (Rafau Etamski Remix)SeathaskyC Recordings
Tears In RainVangelis
96′VillemSymmetry Recordings
Come And Join UsBCeeSpearhead
Computer LightsCitraInfluenza Media
Back To The Sun (feat. Ruth Royall)In:MostSoulvent Records
Unsaid (feat. Blake)Pola & BrysonShogun Audio
Starsigns (Random Movement Remix)ActraiserScientific Records
Medicine (Original Mix)Zoner ft. Joe PublikSoul Deep Digital
Level Up (Feat. MC Fokus)Ben Soundscape, MC FokusInnerground
Under ft. Lauren ArcherPola & BrysonShogun Audio
Worlds FailingKaii ConceptDeconstructed
MOVIESubcriminalX-AMNT Records
Endless Battles (FX909 MUSIC 021)BluefootjaiFX909 Music
YeapDuoScienceLiquid V
Blazin’Unknown ArtistFokuz Recordings
Bright HorsesUnknown ArtistFokuz Recordings
Call GirlDub BerzerkaSuch Music
Good Man (Original Mix)Scott AllenSoul Deep Exclusives
Light in the Dark (feat. Terri Walker)SpectrasoulShogun Audio
Colour Of The SoundCrix & MC FatsUnderstand Music
Short TurnDuoscienceCelsius Recordings
One Last QuestS.P.YHospital Records
Just One Second (Apex VIP) (uto)London ElektricityHospital Records
Born To ThriveArtseaFuture Retro Records

Playlist for Hack The Planet 343 with DJ Pfeif on 5-29-21 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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