Hack The Planet 356 on 9-4-21

Deep and Atmospheric drum & bass music


Track TitleArtistLabel
Patterns (Original Mix)Silence GrooveScientific Records
With TrepidationDerynn(NL)
Roger TessierSpring Heel JackTrade 2
SpikesMarc RentonDrum Army
Expressions of PainDerynn(NL)
Long Ride HomeDerynn(NL)
Serendipity for FeyDerynn(NL)
TI-AT004TECHNICAL ITCHTechnical Itch Recordings
ConstellationsCryogenicsEvil Audio Recordings
Underground PeopleSikkaSikkabrain Recordings
RamenNaibuInside Recordings
Stone ColdSilence GrooveSoul Trader Records
ToskaPola & BrysonShogun Audio
SpikesMarc RentonDrum Army
F The Nation (Original Mix)L0G1NDutty Audio
RitualJ Majik & WickamanMetalheadz
AnglesBungleSpearhead Records
YuugenPola & BrysonShogun Audio
Shadows and DreamsDigital + ResoundFunction
Shinrin YokuPola & BrysonShogun Audio
One SoundNo ConceptTechnique Recordings
BalooChambaSub Edit
Archangel (Original Mix)DuoscienceDNBB Records
Right NowJ MajikInfrared Records
Osiris (feat. Danny Wheeler)MakotoHospital Records
Rwenzori (Karma Kingdom Remix)K2T & SirusDetached Audio
Tell MePeshay & SensePeshay Music
Wind RisesPola & BrysonShogun Audio
Blue Room (feat. Martyna Baker)DLR, ScriptMetalheadz
TitanMarc RentonDrum Army
Pale Blue SpotTalixonesevenfour
Walk to You feat. RhodeTechnimaticTechnimatic Music
TI-AT004TECHNICAL ITCHTechnical Itch Recordings
Someone There (Acoustic)MystificDNBB Records
Bliss OutJazzInspired(NL)
EphemerisFuture BoundTimeless Recordings
Grey Gardens (Decon Remix)Marvel CinemaLiquid Drops
Talk To MePhaction featuring StormaeSoul Trader Records
Friend ft. Ruth RoyallPola & BrysonShogun Audio
MangataPola & BrysonShogun Audio
Keeping PacePola & BrysonShogun Audio
TI-AT004TECHNICAL ITCHTechnical Itch Recordings
WastemanTaelimbHospital Records
MajestyBattery & PhilthDispatch Recordings
TimelinesOm UnitMetalheadz
DisconnectAirstrike & Silence GrooveOffworld Recordings
Chasing The DragonMissingHospital Records
Hungry On Arrival (Spring Heel Jack Remix)Outernational MeltdownB&W Music
Retro (Guardians Of D’alliance Remix)E-Z RollersMoving Shadow
Bringing Me DownAquarius & TaylaGood Looking Records
Georgia Landing (Omni Trio Remix)SouthPoncho
Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix)Sneaker Pimps
Future Reality Part IDave WallaceAll Good Vinyl
The FountainBlu Mar Ten
HorizonsLTJ BukemGood Looking Records
InterstellarAkinsa (feat. Yanai)Akinsa
Bang Bang BangDJ Pfeifpfeif music
TI-AT004TECHNICAL ITCHTechnical Itch Recordings
La Nuit Marche Avec Moi (Midn8Runner Remix)Karma KingdomBay 6 Recordings
Final Speech (From “The Great Dictator”)Charlie Chaplin
Modern ConveniencesAkuratydeBlu Mar Ten Music

Playlist for Hack The Planet 356 with DJ Pfeif on 9-4-21 recorded live on dnbradio.com. Join us every Saturday night from 8:00-10:00pm ET to hear new drum & bass music from DJ Pfeif and guests. Thanks for listening!

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